2019 Mercedes A-Class Sedan promises super slippery shape in new teaser

Reduce my drag, right?

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Mercedes A-Class Sedan Teaser
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Mercedes A-Class Sedan Teaser

It couldn't be any slipperier if it came from the factory slathered in Vaseline.


When it goes on sale, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan will be the most aerodynamic car available. Not bad for an entry-level model.

Mercedes-Benz put out a teaser for its new A-Class Sedan that focuses on its aerodynamics. The A-Class features a drag coefficient of just 0.22, making it the slipperiest car you can get at a dealership. That's the same drag coefficient as the current , which held the record on its own before the A-Class hit the wind tunnel.

If you're wondering how that stacks up against other, more efficient vehicles, you can see just how impressive this number is. Tesla makes some of the most aerodynamically efficient cars on the market, but the generates a bit more drag with its 0.24 coefficient, while the Model 3 sneaks between the two at 0.23.

As Autoblog notes, there are certainly cars out there with lower drag coefficients, like the Volkswagen XL1, but you can't exactly buy that one. According to Wikipedia, there are vehicles with drag coefficients below 0.1, but they're all one-off vehicles for fuel economy contests like the Shell Eco-Marathon.

We should learn more about the A-Class Sedan in the coming days, but it's reasonable to expect that many parts of this US-bound sedan will be borrowed from its hatchback sibling. The 2019 A-Class Hatchback packs the latest version of Mercedes' infotainment system, now called MBUX. A number of safety systems are standard, and in Europe, motive force comes from differently sized four-cylinder engines.

2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class is hatch-tastic

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