Streamlined luxury from Dacor's newest refrigerators

Meet the fancy new fridge that costs more than your car.

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Dacor's got a new high-end refrigerator for 2015, and the focus is on user-friendly design. Priced at $7,000 for a panel-ready model, and with stainless steel models like the one shown above starting at $7,500, the new "Fully Integrated" fridges will join the California-based manufacturer's Discovery series, each one boasting premium build features.


Most notable among these new features is the patented "FlushFit" hinge, which allows for a built-in appearance without worry of the door banging up against adjacent cabinetry every time you open it. Really, that just means that the hinge is moved in a few inches to give the door extra clearance -- I'd be curious to see whether or not that tweak compromises each fridge's accessible capacity, and if so, by how much.

The new fridges also come with "GlideShelf" technology, which Dacor claims allows for one-handed shelf repositioning. That's a feature that has me interested, as I typically have trouble rearranging the clunky shelves in my fridge using both hands.

The Fully Integrated models eschew the recent high-end trend towards feature-rich French doors , T-types , and even five-door behemoths . Instead, Dacor's going with a simple bottom freezer setup with just the two doors. You can adjust the temperature of each section, and dial the freezer's temperature up into refrigerator territory if needed. For king-size kitchens, Dacor tells me you can simply order two and install them side by side.

Other features include a mode to help put the appliance in compliance with Sabbath restrictions, as well as a bottle cooler and a Vacation Mode that promises to save you energy while you're away. Aside from that, don't expect a whole lot of bells and whistles from this thing -- though it's worth mentioning that Dacor appliances have certainly wowed us in the past .

Dacor's Discovery Fully Integrated Refrigerator is set to hit distributors in June of this year, with widths ranging from 30 to 36 inches. At several thousand dollars, it's putting it lightly to say that you'll need pretty deep pockets in order to pick one up (let alone two), though Dacor tells me that a smaller, significantly less-expensive model is in the works for an end-of-year release, a pair of which would still cost less than a single 30-inch model.