At CES 2014, Samsung showcases the Chef Collection 4-door Refrigerator

The Chef Collection 4-door Refrigerator is designed to take home cooking to the next level.

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LAS VEGAS -- To build a better fridge, Samsung decided to think like a chef.

The RH9900 4-door refrigerator, unveiled at CES this week, is the result of that effort. Along with the rest of the Chef Collection suite of kitchen appliances, the RH9900 was built based off of insights gleaned from Samsung's "Club Des Chefs" initiative -- sort of a culinary think tank. By working with master chefs, Samsung was able to study their cooking habits and design a more useful refrigerator for home cooking.

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Aside from the nifty LED display that disappears into the stainless steel finish when not in use, and the whopping 34 cubic foot capacity, the RH9900 is loaded with unique features that seem especially well suited for amateur foodies and wannabe top chefs. Each unit comes loaded with a "Chef Pan," a metal tray for marinating meats that's capable of sliding right out of the fridge and into the oven, then into the dishwasher for easy clean up. There's also a customizable drawer that allows for precise temperature control of your most delicate ingredients -- Samsung calls it the "Chef Pantry."

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The RH9900 boasts a "Triple Cooling System," which creates three separate airflows designed for better temperature and humidity control. This system also allowed Samsung to make the bottom right section of the RH9900 fully customizable. Use it to store frozen foods, or crank it up and use it to chill a bottle of wine for date night. Samsung claims that you'll be able to adjust the temperature within a matter of minutes.

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The entire Chef Collection, which also includes a range, a microwave, and a dishwasher, will be available later in 2014, with pricing info still to come. Samsung's other appliance announcements at CES include new high-capacity washer/dryer units, a Food Showcase refrigerator, and two new MotionSync vacuum cleaners.