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There's yet another 5-inch 1080p handset in the works, this one from ZTE. It's called the Grand S, but has also leaked under the product name Z753. Let me clear up the confusion -- they are indeed one and the same.

An image of the smartie leaked ahead of an official unveiling at CES in January, Engadget reports.

The Grand S is also being touted as "the world's thinnest for 5-inch FHD smart phones" on the official CES website. "FHD" stands for full HD, so it is indeed a full-on 1080p effort.

The handset will have a unibody design, with a slight bump around the off-centre camera on the back. ZTE has also posted a load of design sketches on its Sina Weibo account (that's the Chinese equivalent of Twitter). Hit the "Next" button at the top of this story to see them for yourself.

If you were in any doubt as to what the trend will be for mobiles next year, this should put you straight. We've seen mention of more 5-inch, 1080p smarties than you can shake a stylus at. There's the HTC Butterfly, Sony Xperia Z (aka Sony Yuga), as well as efforts from Lenovo and Sharp. Huawei has raised the bar somewhat though, dwarfing the Galaxy Note 2 with a monster 6.1-inch mobile that packs a 1080p screen. This is a phone, let me remind you. That you're expected to carry in your pocket.

There are no other specs for the Grand S, so it's hard to see how it'll stand out from the crowd. But one thing is for sure, that 4-inch iPhone 5 is about to look pretty small next to this lot.

Would you buy a 5-inch 1080p mobile? What do you reckon to bigger phones? And chaps, will you be investing in a manbag to carry one? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.

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