You've gotta see this marijuana tech

From precision humidifying systems to USB-powered vape pens, tech and pot seem made for each other, with an explosion in new gadgets since it became legal in many US states.

Jefferson Reid
1 of 16 VapRwear

VapRwear hoodie

Sure, you could buy a cheaper vape pen and just put it in your pocket. But if you've got money (and herb) to burn, why not plop down $80-$100 for a VapRwear hoodie, with a vape pen built right into your sweatshirt's drawstring?

2 of 16 MerryJane.com

Snoop Dogg's Snoopermarket and pot hub

If any celebrity is synonymous with smizzling the chronic, it is Snoop Dogg.

So the fact that the artist formerly known as Calvin Broadus Jr. (and now sometimes known as Snoop Lion) has opened his own ganja label (leafsbysnoop.com) and online cannabis culture hub (MerryJane.com) should come as no surprise. We spent some time investigating Snoop's plans for becoming the Martha Stewart of weed -- you know, for research.

3 of 16 Firefly

USB vaping devices

Rolling a jay is so 20th century. That's why all the cool kids are vaping their marijuana these days with USB vaporizing devices that plug into a laptop or a wall outlet (just like your cell-phone charger).

There are tons of options, like the stylish, industry-leading Firefly (seen here).

4 of 16 Shatter Tanks

Or vape while you tap

But you could also check out Shatter Tanks vape pens, which have a convenient stylus tip for touchscreen usage so vapists can navigate on the celly or iPad while dosing. Very multitasky, yes?

5 of 16 GrowBuddy

Weed growing app

Producing killer weed? Yeah, there's an app for that. GrowBuddy is a grow-journal app that helps you keep track of what you did, when you did it, manage all your plants by age and strain, and compare your techniques to historical norms and best practices. Track water, soil, light, nutrients and notes of any kind.

6 of 16 Leaf

Leaf Plug N' Plant system

Get ready for home pharm-ing! Growing your own was always an option, but pot can be a touchy crop. The Leaf grow box promises to be the solution. This four-foot-by-two-foot cannabis cabinet (shipping summer 2016) regulates light, nutrients, pH balance, temperature, watering and ventilation.

The $1,500 machine produces four ounces of high-quality leaf in three months, with each additional grow requiring $150 in nutrient cartridges.

7 of 16 Leaf

Leaf tracking: It's mesmerizing

Techie bonus: As the Leaf system monitors your plants, you monitor it with the leaf iPhone app and adjust any controls you like.

You can livestream video of your chronic. You could even time-lapse it on Snapchat.

8 of 16 LumiGrow

LumiGrow your biz

On TV, the cops always catch outlaw pot growers by tracking the huge spike in the electric bill. Legal cannabis farmers have similar problems with power usage (though it doesn't involve a trip to central booking).

That's where greenhouse lighting companies such as LumiGrow come in, using technology to help weed entrepreneurs with low-power LED lighting that they say "delivers more grams per watt than any other lighting technology" and can cut power costs by 40 percent compared with conventional lighting.

9 of 16 Volcano Digit Courtesy of Vaporstore.com

Volcano Digit vaporizer

Good times are sure to erupt when you bring out this mini mountain of fun and/or medicinal relief. Decidedly pricey ($599!) but also extraordinarily high...quality. The Volcano Digit hot air vaporizer does a lot with a little to make your ganja go farther and taste better.

10 of 16 Trim Daddy

Trim Daddy

With medicinal or recreational marijuana now legal in about half of the states nationwide, weed agriculture's future is sky high. But so too are the costs. That's why volume producers are buying specialized tools for their agribusiness needs like the Trim Daddy cutter, which makes hand trimming your plants a breeze.

Six times faster than traditional scissors trimming thanks to its 5-blade electric cutting system, the $99 price tag should boost profit margins in no time -- unless you're cutting in on your own supply.

11 of 16 PotBotics

PotBotics recommendation engine

Not all pot strains are created equal, and not all are right for every ailment. But how to choose? Meet PotBot, your virtual weed bartender. Simply download the PotBotics desktop app (coming soon to Apple and Android mobile) and enter your symptoms and conditions.

PotBot then provides recommended cannabinoid levels (and strains) to locate the weed that might be right for you and help you find it at a medical marijuana dispensary near you. Its aim is "elevate the cannabis industry to higher medical standards" ... and make thinly veiled weed puns.

12 of 16 SmokeCartel.com

Triple Swiss Perc bong

Block out memories of those bad old days of plastic soda-bottle bongs (if your brain cells go back that far) and get on board with new bong aesthetics. Today's gleaming and glorious smoke aids like this triple Swiss perc are lovely to look at and are said to deliver a memorably bubbly buzz. Swiss Perc is short for Swiss Cheese Percolator, of course, and all those holes produce copious bubbles ... i.e., holey smoke.

13 of 16 Magical Butter

MB2E MagicalButter machine

Butter was always good, but now it can be downright magical. The world's first countertop Botanical Extractor, the MB2E is all about infusing the essence of herbs, or herb as the case may be, into butter, oil, grain alcohol and lotions.

People who prefer edibles can medicate with homemade herbal butters, oils, soups, sauces, salad dressings and more. The MagicalButter website has scads of good serving suggestions, like a s'mores recipe, so you can get the munchies and cure them at the same time.

14 of 16 MagicalButter

Cook the butter, too

People who prefer edibles can medicate with homemade herbal butters, oils, soups, sauces, salad dressings and more. The MagicalButter website has scads of good serving suggestions, like a maple-bacon bourbon butter recipe.

15 of 16 Wickie Pipe courtesy of Grass City

Wickie Pipe Lighter

Wickie Pipe Lighter from GrassCity assures that you'll never go fumbling around for a lost lighter, because it's built right into your pipe. Just fold it open and fire up.

16 of 16 Sage Analytics

Luminary Beacon Potency Analyzer

Beam us up, Scotty. If you're looking for a cannabis tri-corder to discern the potency of product while out in the field, or out in a field for that matter, the Luminary Beacon is a portable, pot-able tool for profiling the potency of marijuana.

Sage Analytics' desktop device ensures that you're not getting sage or oregano when you're buying bud by delivering accurate spectroscopy-based real time readings of Total THC, THCA, Total CBD, CBD, CBDA and CBD content.

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