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'OK, Glass'

More details have emerged about using Google's Glass eyewear. Speaking the words "OK, Glass" plus a voice command apparently will be how you'll get Glass to do your bidding.
Photo by: Google


Activating the camera is as simple as saying, "OK, Glass, take a picture."
Photo by: Google


For when a picture won't do, ask Glass to shoot video instead.
Photo by: Google


Starting a video chat is just as easy.
Photo by: Google

Send a message

Hands-free messaging: just speak and send.
Photo by: Google


Because Google knows everything about you, Glass will know where you have to be and when, without you having to say a word.
Photo by: Google

Take the next turn

The HUD nature of Glass is perfect for displaying directions.
Photo by: Google


Google Translate anything, anytime.
Photo by: Google

And, of course, search

Just ask Glass anything and you'll have Google's powerful search results in your face.
Photo by: Google


Sadly, Glass isn't expected to reach consumers until 2014. For now, you can try to get an invite to preorder a pair from Google for $1,500.
Photo by: Google

Light weight

Google says its Glass will weigh less than a typical pair of sunglasses.
Photo by: Google


And if you want them to act as sunglasses, it appears you'll be able to add that function on thanks to the modular design.
Photo by: Google

Color choices

The Google Glass eyewear will be available in Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, and Sky.
Photo by: Google


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