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HolidayBuyer's Guide
The Yamaha EPH-30 is a $40 pair of headphones that offers a comfortable fit and solid sound quality.
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The Yamaha EPH-30 earphones aren't going to win any awards for quality in the design department, although we're willing to cut them a little slack because of their low price and solid sound. The cable is thin and tangle-prone and seems fairly fragile, and the earpieces are made of cheap-feeling plastic.
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On the plus side, you can choose from either white or black versions, both of which offer a splash of style with some chrome-colored accenting. This makes the earpieces slightly more jewelry-like, which may be more appealing to some than others.
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Also, these earbuds feature a staggered Y-cable with the right side longer than the left so that you may wear the cord behind your neck more easily--good for working out. The cable measures 48 inches in all and terminates in a gold-plated straight plug.
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Despite the Yamaha EPH-30 headphones inexpensive feel, we're not without some praise for the design. The earbuds are teeny tiny, which allows an easy fit for small-eared users. Yamaha includes three sizes of silicone eartips, all of which tend toward the small side (those with larger ears should take heed)
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The big surprise from these headphones is their efficiency and sound quality. It really doesn't take much to drive audio through the Yamaha EPH-30, and while these earphones don't offer the cleanest audio across all genres when compared with models twice their price, they do pump out surprisingly good sound for a sub-$50 set.
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