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Playstation 4

The time is now to buy a new-generation console and you can't go wrong with a PlayStation 4.

2015 might not have a lot in store in the way of exclusives, but 2016 and beyond looks mighty promising.


Xbox One

While the PS4 remains our overall preferred choice in the next-gen console race, the Xbox One's significant first-year course corrections make it a better deal than ever, and a much better bargain than when it first debuted.


Wii U

Nintendo's console has overcome many of its original growing pains to deliver a unique gaming experience chock full of exclusive titles like Super Smash Bros. and Bayonetta 2 -- not to mention a long list of great downloadable retro Mario and Zelda titles that you can't get on any other current home console.


New Nintendo 3DS XL

The "The New Nintendo 3DS XL (pictured right) has improved 3D head-tracking, which is a big step up from its predecessor, and its performance boost makes a noticeable difference.

If the person you're buying for prefers the mobile gaming experience, the 3DS XL is the best Nintendo portable to get.


PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita has come of age and become a refined piece of hardware and an excellent place to play a lot of games, especially compelling indie titles.


Alienware Alpha PC

The bold Alienware Alpha makes good on its promise to meld the gaming PC and living room game console.

Those who like the PC gaming experience over mainstream consoles will like that they can take their PC exclusive games to the living room. It even works with a standard Xbox 360 controller.


Asus g751

One of the first laptops that can drive games at 4K resolutions, the Asus G751 is an expensive but capable alternative to gaming desktops.

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