The Nest Learning Thermostat, built by a group led by the man who also headed up the original iPod and iPhone teams, is designed to improve home energy efficiency by giving households a heating or cooling controller that adapts to usage patterns and incorporates information gathered from the Internet. The device has a good deal of the DNA of the iPod and other Apple devices.
Photo by: Nest

Mobile app

One key aspect of the Nest system is that users can control the thermostat from a mobile app.
Photo by: Nest

In the box

This is the entirety of what comes in the Nest Learning Thermostat box.
Photo by: Nest


The digital display shows blue when the system is cooling a house, and red when it is heating. It also shows how long it will take to get to a desired temperature.
Photo by: Nest

Auto Away

With Auto Away, the Learning Thermostat is designed to detect when no one is home, and to shut down heating or cooling.
Photo by: Nest


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