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Digital handshake

For its 2013 Pogo Art Contest, Ten One Design, maker of three models of the Pogo capacitive touch-screen stylus, invited professional and amateur artists to submit original work created with a Pogo stylus and an iPad or other iOS device. As this gallery of submissions demonstrates, the stylus can be a mighty tool for creating digital art.

Three judges, themselves Pogo stylus users and mobile artists, picked one grand-prize winner, as well as one winner in each of four categories. "We?" by Salvador Navarro nabbed first prize in the "Current Events" group for works exploring world events, politicians, and the like.

Photo by: Salvador Navarro/Ten One Design

Vivid visage

Rita Flores' "Percolated Olga" won in the "Wildly Creative" category, which honored "out-of-the box thinking, such as using an app not necessary or intended for making art. Or using a variety of apps (app mashing) in a very creative way."

The artist, who works with more traditional media such as drawing and acrylic painting in addition to mobile devices, says that for an artist, "both the iPhone and iPad technology are very exciting because they are so new."

Photo by: Rita Flores/Ten One Design

Grand-prize winner

Michael Bartosiewicz took the overall grand prize for his beautiful "Roman Coffee," which could easily be mistaken for an oil painting. Bartosiewicz used the app Procreate, to, well, create. A total of 213 artists submitted works to the contest.
Photo by: Michael Bartosiewicz/Ten One Design

Trouble, in a good way

It's hard not to love "I Love Trouble" by Deborah, who drew the detailed image with SketchbookPro DistressedFX. "We were amazed at the broad range of styles and immense talent," said one of the three judges, Susan Murtaugh. "We think the winners show a wide range of subject, creativity, and finish. Each piece stands on its own, a visual voice of the artist and an inspiration to all who create."
Photo by: Deborah/Ten One Design

Art, avenged

Submissions to the 2013 Pogo Art Contest ranged from stunningly detailed portraits to vividly colored nature-scapes and whimsical flights of fantasy and geekdom. Artist Rafael Co went with the app Procreate for "Avenger."
Photo by: Rafael Co

Red rooftops

Paris artist Hwan Lee's "Red Roof Paris" won in the "As You See It" category of the 2013 Pogo Art Contest. The genre included representational and realistic/impressionistic art such as landscapes, still lifes, and portraits of people, aliens, and pets. Yep, aliens.
Photo by: Hwan Lee/Ten One Design

We've got company

Speaking of aliens, Don drew "The Visitor" using Procreate. The black and white image might make a nice wall adornment for the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, N.M.
Photo by: Don/Ten One Design

Look at me!

Renato's "Selfie," made using FiftyThree's Paper app, suggests that even world leaders aren't immune to the seduction of cell phone self-portraits.
Photo by: Renato/Ten One Design

Pop-art princess

"Demon Princess" by Mark. Pogo and other stylii for artists allow for boundless creativity.
Photo by: Mark/Ten One Design

Shades of whimsy

"A green spring" by artist TheBlack got an honorable mention nod in the "As You See It" category.
Photo by: TheBlack/Ten One Design

Music to our eyes

Jill brought music to her digital canvas with "The Trumpet Player," created using the apps Procreate and Artstudio.
Photo by: Jill/Pogo Art Contest

View toward the water

If you've been to San Francisco, you'll recognize Scrapp Huntington's digital drawing of Market Street, one of 213 submissions to the 2013 Pogo Art Contest. San Francisco MUNI has probably never looked better.
Photo by: Scrapp Huntington/Ten One Design


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