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The snow is still settling, so it would be easy to miss a flurry of white phones arriving today too. Samsung has already outed a white Galaxy Nexus, and now along comes Nokia with its colourless version of the Lumia 800

The chilly white Lumia 800 will be available later this month. Apart from the icy casing -- which is gloss rather than matte, meaning it may prove a slippery customer -- it's the same beast as the 800 we've seen in other colours. So you get the same Windows Phone software, same 3.7-inch AMOLED ClearBlack curved display, and the same 1.4GHz processor.

We like the 800. A lot. Despite its early battery problems. But we can't help but pine for the 900, which retailer after retailer keeps teasing us with. The 900 has a bigger screen and 4G tech for faster Internet access, though we won't be seeing that in the UK until 2015 according to Ofcom.

Punters thought they were getting a steal on the 800 when it was offered at a ridiculously low price at Argos recently, though that proved too good to be true. As well as the white version, it's available in black, cyan and magenta (that's blue and pink to us). Oh, and this special edition Batman version.

Windows Phone is still a little short on apps compared to iOS and Android, but things are getting better. It looks like Skype is coming soon, with reports that it's in the testing stage. Which is about time, seeing as Microsoft bought Skype a while ago.

Would you buy a white Lumia 800? Or are you holding out for the 900? What do you make of Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.

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