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iTunes 12

iTunes 12 has been released and it now places a greater emphasis on streaming and the iTunes store than a users' own library.

The changes start from the main page. Gone is the drop-down box and it is replaced by a series of icons representing Music, Movies and so forth, plus a "..." for more options.

The Apps store now also gets its own dedicated shortcut.

Also missing is the Home Sharing shortcut which has moved to the Menu.

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The biggest changes are to the Music page with individual shortcuts to a user's library based on Artist, Songs and Albums now reduced to simply "My Music". The page now integrates the iTunes store as well as Radio.

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iTunes Store

The iTunes page is largely unchanged though the "carousel" now features flattened art instead of a 3D flip.

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More streamlining has occurred on the Movies page with Movies, Genres and Home Movies now integrated into My Movies. The iTunes Store is also now more accessible.

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TV Shows

Not many changes here, though the iTunes Store is again alongside the other options.

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App Store

The App Store page is now broken up into additional shortcuts for each of your devices.

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