A day before Apple's CEO Steve Jobs is due to give his speech, we take some snaps around the Macworld conference in San Francisco.

The theme to this years Macworld is "There's something in the air". Could it be an iPhone upgrade? Wireless synching for the iPod range? Perhaps Apple will become a global mobile phone carrier. Your guess is as good as ours.

The Macworld 2008 conference and expo is again being hosted in the Moscone Center in San Francisco -- it was a foggy morning today, with temperatures between 6-14 degrees Celcius expected.

A large Macworld sign hung in the Moscone Center West, where Steve Jobs will deliver his keynote speech on Tuesday in the US.

Loading vans containing who-knows-what outside the Macworld conference centre.

Mac-mayhem is expected in Moscone Center South tomorrow morning at 11am in the US, after Steve Jobs gives his keynote speech and a throng of media and Apple enthusiasts rush to play with the shiny new toys.

Escalators leading down to the exhibition floor in Moscone Center South.

We seriously hope not to see anyone in these trippy-hippie, tie-died Macworld t-shirts during the conference.

Macworld merchandise being laid out for sale to the fanatics.

The Moscone Center is split into three sections -- South, North and West halls, which will host various exhibitors, presentation halls and training sessions during the conference.

The pedestrian crossing due for a serious workout as Mac devotees flood between the North and South Halls.

View of Moscone Center West.

There were very small queues this morning of media, exhibitors and conference attendees picking up their expo badges.

Apple's San Francisco store, with an insanely large model of an iPhone running in the window.

The San Francisco Apple store from across Market St, complete with steam coming from manholes.

Dozens of iPod / Macworld ads line the streets around San Francisco.

Billboard on top on a building near Union Square, San Francisco.

Another ad near a Macy's store.

And again beside an entrance to the BART-MUNI (San Francisco's underground train network).

Another Apple ad hides behind the turnaround section of the old cable cars.

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