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For YotaPhone, being two-faced isn't so bad

Even with the first attempt still fresh in our minds, the next-generation YotaPhone (2014) is just around the corner.

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Bigger, clearer e-ink display

Announced at MWC 2014, the e-ink display that really drives this phone's "wow" factor grows to 4.7 inches and picks up a dramatically more pixel-dense resolution intended to blur out past complaints of fuzziness. That spells out clearer text for keeping up with stories and social ties.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Yota Devices

Power off

Its power-saving e-ink display is a major driver behind the phone's value. This second YotaPhone takes it all a step further with a power-saving profile that completely hibernates the Android screen and runs the phone's low-power e-ink side instead.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Yota Devices

E-ink gaming

Yota Devices envisions turn-based and longer casual gaming sessions on the YotaPhone's low-power electronic paper display.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Yota Devices

Hardware settings

NFC and wireless charging make an appearance in this second act; you can toggle them on and off in the Settings menu.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Yota Devices

E-mail and more

In addition to replying to texts and engaging in social networks from the rear display, you can also compose e-mail messages on a virtual keyboard.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Yota Devices
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