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Host vs. human

Drone host

What are you up to?

After dinner walk

Stubbs is back

Happy hunting

Clear out


Oh Maeve, what have you done?

Dolores, our hero


Dolores + Teddy = ❤️

Dolores + Teddy = ❤️

Welcome back, William

Pure Dolores

Hey, Hector

Maeve, our savior?

if you can't tell, does it matter?

Just a bot and his... bot. This photo of a creepy faceless host was one of the first to be released ahead of the new season. Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy told EW the creatures are called drone hosts. 

"As Bernard is making his way through the wreckage of the fallout from the first season, he's discovering things about the park that even he doesn't know and coming upon creatures like the drone host."

Hmm... seems like parent company Delos has more than entertainment on the brain with these robots. 

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright, right) probably has no idea what to make of the drone host, having only recently come to terms with his own place in this world. As we saw in a previous "Westworld" trailer, the drone hosts can get unruly -- could this one have it in for Bernard?

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

Bernard is in the same clothes he wore in the previous pic, and Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) seems to be confusing him. How much do we really know about the executive director of the board of Delos Destinations, Inc.?

Next to nothing, which is why so many Hale theories are seriously twisty. Is she related to Bernarnold? Last season some thought she might be Bernard's daughter, and while that seems largely disproved (and not just with this photo), I'm not prepared to take every outlandish-sounding theory off the table just yet.

Caption by / Photo by HBO

Is this scene before or after the previous one? If before, I'd bet it's the morning after the host massacre. That still doesn't help the "does Charlotte know about Bernarnold" questions, but it might help establish a timeline of where we'll pick up this season. Sure, Hale fired Bernard, but did she do so with full knowledge of exactly who he is??

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

We knew as much, but what we still don't know is that quintessential q of all the cast: host or human?

Luke Hemsworth (yes, one of those) told HuffPo last May even he doesn't know: "They're very good at keeping those things secret and not telling me... so your guess is as good as mine."

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

Hmm, who are you, new players? And are you robots? 

Betty Gabriel plays the woman on the left and the new man in the right-middle is Gustaf Skarsgard. But that's all I've got for you for now. It seems pretty likely that a company like Delos would use expendable hosts for an expendable hunting job like finding Dolores and Teddy the morning after the massacre, but it also seems like maaaaaybe they don't trust hosts quite so much now.

Caption by / Photo by HBO

Could that be the same badass woman from the previous pic here behind Bernard? Quick: What's her endgame and is she loyal to anyone?

Caption by / Photo by HBO

Zero idea who he is other than knowing he's played by new cast member Fares Fares.

Caption by / Photo by HBO

Despite the business-casual attire, the writing is on the wall. And it's red.

With the same outfit on, I'm thinking this is the same timeline as when Maeve stepped off the train in the finale. Still up for debate is whether that is the past or present.

Caption by / Photo by HBO

"Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty." 

If Dolores was the hero of last season, I hope Maeve takes over the mantle this season.

Caption by / Photo by HBO

We're all pretty confident William (aka Man in Black) is a present-day human, right? Oh, no? OK, well, then that could make his hunt for the maze even more interesting.

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

"I think we'd be lucky if this was the AI apocalypse, if it was this attractive and charming," showrunner Nolan said at SXSW

Yeah, I'd watch the world burn with Teddy any day. (So would Thandie Newton apparently.) 

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

Off to see the world, I presume.

(P.S. Normally cowboys ride into the sunset.)

Caption by / Photo by HBO

Dead bodies surrounding the Man in Black, aka William, aka Ed Harris? Some things never change.

Caption by / Photo by HBO

As William was the Man in Black, Dolores may be the Woman in White. And yet, I'd venture a guess that doesn't mean she'll save us and instead may be content to burn it all and start over again.

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

Listen, you look very creepy there Hector (played by Rodrigo Santoro). Are you just looking for some new trouble, or is someone else using you as a listening device now that Ford is gone?

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

Will she "free" the hosts? Is she herself stuck in a programmed loop, conversing with even more hosts, and set to simply be put to sleep again once she has served her purpose? But if so, what *is* her purpose?

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

When William first arrived at the park, he asks Angela (Talulah Riley) if she's real. She replies, "Well, if you can't tell, does it matter?"

Also, the very first time we see her, she wears a white dress, and now she has a black one. A simple wardrobe change, or maybe a different timeline?

We'll have to wait until at least April 22, when the second season premieres, for that answer. In the meantime, subscribe to our weekly Westworld newsletter for more host theories and all the Sweetwater news. 

Caption by / Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO
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