Weird hardware of E3 2011 (photos)

It's not all about the Wii U and PS Vita; here's to the other companies showing off gadgets and gear that we saw around E3 2011.

Scott Stein
Sarah Tew
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The Sapphire FleX edition Radeon HD 6950 graphics card allows hook-ups of multiple monitors, using AMD's Eyefinity to spread games across multiple screens. It came out in the spring; here it is inside a cube.
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Fancy 3D on your iPad? It's technically possible thanks to GRilli3D, a laminate overlay for iOS devices that works without 3D glasses. It needs CineXPlayer 3D, a separate iOS app, to on-the-fly convert 2D content to 3D. We haven't used it much, but don't expect Nintendo 3DS-quality effects.
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Games for toddlers? E3 was selling gaming for the superyoung like never before. Exhibit A: Playseat Racing chair, with tiny tot. Do not use with Grand Theft Auto.
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Darbee Visual Presence from Snakebyte promises that it can turn 2D images into "3D experiences" without needing glasses, increasing depth cues in 2D images. Needless to say, we're skeptical as to whether this is more like snake oil.
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Excited about Arkham City? Might as well complete your experience with a Batarang controller. Dark Knight face mask not included.
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Lava Glow wireless PS3 controllers are one of many, many light-up controller solutions we saw scattered throughout the outer reaches of West Hall.
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In case you own too many consoles and all their motion-control hardware and lack any horizontal space, DreamGear's got you covered. DualMount and TriMount TV-top hardware double and triple-stacks your Wii sensor, Kinect, and PlayStation Eye into an absurd aerial array. Wait a second...we could actually use of one of these in our cramped apartment.
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Sprint's HTC Evo 3D, a glasses-free 3D smartphone that's not unlike the Nintendo 3DS.
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Origin's gaming hardware on a curved-screen Ostendo CRVD monitor. It's like the Cinerama Dome of PC gaming.
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AMD's FX eight-core processor at work in a game demo, being played on a wrap-around projection screen that we'd love to install in our future bathroom.
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Attention, board game/miniature lovers: ePawn integrates real-world objects into video games, using a 23-inch touch screen. Best-use scenarios: high-tech chess boards, or bringing your hand-painted miniature collection into a full-scale RPG.
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BGR Mods offer controller enhancements that you can install yourself, if you're feeling adventurous.
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More 2D-to-3D conversion, courtesy of the 3D Bee from VEFXi. Glasses not included.
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Give your kids a head start...on gaming.
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GAEMS' Portable monitor and carrying case for all your gaming gear, complete with two headphone jacks.
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Sick of holding a motion controller in your hand? Aiken Labs' immersive strap-on motion accessory system promises motion axis capture...anywhere.
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The jDome is a portable immersive screen for projecting your game on. It's also guaranteed to attract attention and alienate loved ones.

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