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Wearable tech: What's new and cool right now

Whether it's a supersmart timepiece you strap to your wrist, or a fancy fitness band designed to motivate you toward a better lifestyle, wearable technology is booming like gangbusters. Check out the hottest and newest personal tech we've gotten our hands on.

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Basis Band

Superadvanced and eager to motivate, the Basis Band is the perfect timepiece for those who need extra enticement to adapt healthier habits. One of the first gadgets to boast a heart rate monitor, the Basis Band pairs with iPhones and select Samsung smartphones via an engaging fitness app.

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Fitbit Force

Fitbit's new Force tracker is one of the best fitness gadgets we've seen. It's light, compact, comfortable to wear, plus it functions as a slick-looking digital watch. Clad in a water resistant housing, you can also wear the Force in the shower or in the soaking rain without fear.

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Fitbug Orb

Not to be confused with competitor Fitbit, the Fitbug Orb offers fitness tracking on the cheap. For just $50, the device measures steps, tracks sleep, and lets you log calories via an app-based food diary. You can also sync your data with phones over Bluetooth and opt to wear it in a clip or on your wrist.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung's first stab at a smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear has a premium metal design, lovely curved OLED screen, and even a camera in its wristband. It has plenty of potential, that is if Samsung ever decides to pair the gadget with useful software and support for other phones besides the Note 3.

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Jawbone Up

If you or someone you know seeks a simple, stylish way to get into the fitness-tracking trend, the affordable Jawbone Up should do the trick. It tracks sleep, steps, lasts long on a single charge, and isn't phased by water.

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Martian Passport

Flaunting retro 1960s style, the Martian Passport links to smartphones over wireless Bluetooth connection to receive alerts for texts and screen calls. You can even chat through the watch's speakerphone and mic combo.

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Misfit Shine

Fancy a pedometer that looks like jewelry? The Shine can be worn as a wristband, clip-on, or pendant with optional accessories, is waterproof, and uses a watch battery for up to four months of continuous use.

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Nike FuelBand SE

Revamped with fresh features such as a new app, sleep tracking, and color options, the FuelBand is now more capable than ever. It will also prompt you to move for 5 minutes each hour throughout the day to achieve better health.

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Pebble Watch

The current smartwatch king for Android and iOS fans alike, the Pebble is simply the most capable wrist-borne smartphone companion to date. From several watch faces to pushing phone notifications to your wrist, the Pebble has plenty to offer -- that is if you're willing to tinker with this hi-tech ticker.

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Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony has taken big strides to improve its latest smartwatch attempt, the SmartWatch 2. It has a bigger screen, is now water resistant, and is designed to function as a companion for a wide number of Android handsets.

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Withings Pulse

This small clip-on or wrist-worn tracker's got a pulse-reader, pedometer, and sleep-tracker all in one, offering a great package for its size, and syncs data easily. You can also strap the Pulse to your wrist and wear the gizmo as a watch if that's what floats your boat.

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