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Yep, that's a refrigerator with a big-ass touchscreen on the door.

Specifically, that's the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator you're looking at. We set one up in the CNET Smart Home kitchen -- click through to take a look.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

A fridge with apps

Look over the touchscreen and you'll find a variety of apps for scanning recipes, streaming music, syncing family calendars, ordering groceries for home delivery, or even mirroring the feed from a Samsung smart TV.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

In the door

Open it up, and you'll notice three black dots inside the door flap.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET


Yep -- those are cameras. They snap a photo of your groceries each time you close the door.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

Take a look

You can view the most recent photo by tapping the "View Inside" button on the touchscreen, or by pulling up Samsung's Smart Home app. That's a handy of way of double checking to see if you're out of milk while you're out at the grocery.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

Ingredient tracking

You can also drag little icons over top of your ingredients to count down the days until they go bad.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

Fancy finish

Aside from the touchscreen smarts, it's essentially the same build as other high-end, four-door fridges from Samsung, albeit with the option of a classy new black stainless steel finish.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

Price point

The Family Hub Refrigerator starts at $5,600 for a stainless steel, standard depth unit, and goes up to $6,000 for a black stainless steel counter-depth unit like the one seen here. It isn't available outside of the US yet like some of Samsung's other four-door fridges, but that price converts roughly to £3,900 or AU$7,500.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET
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