15 ways to keep your wine tasty, organized and stored properly

There's nothing like a relaxing glass of wine after a hard day, but keeping wine fresh, safe and stored properly can be a problem. Here are 15 tips that make everything about that glass of white or red even more enjoyable.


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Get better wine

If you love wine, then you've come to the right place. 

Here's how to make your wine taste better, last longer and how to store it better. There's even two ways to open your bottle like a magician. 

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Coravin Wine Saver

First, lets start with some nifty wine preserving gadgets. First on the list is the Coravin Model Eleven

It pokes a needle through the cork and allows you to pour your wine without popping the bottle. This keep the wine as fresh as an unopened bottle since the contents are never exposed to oxygen.

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Wine Saver Concerto

The Wine Saver Concerto is one of the most popular wine gadgets on Amazon. 

It has a vacuum pump that extracts air from an opened bottle of wine and re-seals it with a reusable rubber stopper to keep the wine fresh.

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Avina Locking Wine Stopper

When you're a little tipsy, you may not want to worry about vacuuming your wine. 

In that case, you can't get any simpler than the Avina Locking Wine Stopper. You just pop it in the bottle like a normal cork and lock to seal the bottle. The wine stays fresh and you can relax.

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Savino Connoisseur Wine Preservation Glassware

The Savino Connoisseur Wine Preservation Carafe holds up to 750ml of wine at a time and keeps that wine fresh for one week. The best feature is the drip-free rim that prevents spills.

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Corkcicle One

Ever been on a picnic and wondered how to store your wine so that it stayed cold? The Corkcicle One solves this problem. It functions as an ice pack stick, like the kind you put in a water bottle, but it also works as a pouring spout and cork.

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Wine Enthusiast 170

Now let's look at some storage options. If you are a huge wine enthusiast, or plan to be one day, then the Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar may be just what you need to keep your bottles at the perfect temperature without renovating your basement.

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Avanti Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

The Avanti Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler is for those that like to have a more than a few bottles of good wine on hand, but don't have much room. 

It holds 12 bottles and sits on a kitchen counter. The best feature is it allows you to showcase your favorite bottle.

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Help choosing

Have no idea what kind of wine cooler you need? Here's our guide on picking the best wine cooler for your home.

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Fridge Binz Wine Holder

Don't have room in your house for a wine fridge? You can use the Fridge Binz Wine Holder in your refrigerator. It is a stackable storage system that lets you add as many bottle holders as you like.

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Lock it up

Someone raiding your stash? The GoKeyless Bottle Lock is a must have storage accessory for anyone that has teens or roommates that like to "borrow" your wine. The four-digit combination lock keeps the bottle safely sealed.

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Time for some nifty apps. The VinoCell wine storage app, for example, lets you keep track of all the bottles you're storing so it you don't need to disturb the wine by looking at labels. It also helps you keep a running list of wines you want to add to your collection in the future.

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The Wine-Searcher app helps you get the best price for your favorite wines. It also has a wine encyclopedia that can help you bulk up your wine knowledge.   

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Wi-Fi connection

The Coravin Eleven that we talked about earlier has Wi-Fi capabilities and an app. Using the app you can make an online list of your wines, pair wines to foods and music and check to see when you need to change the pressure capsules.   

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A party trick your guests will love

Always losing your wine bottle opener? Or just want to enthrall your guests at your next dinner party? Here's how to pop a top with a power drill.

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Or use cable ties

Another cool way to open your wine bottle in a show-stopping way is to use cable ties. This is how you do it.

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