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Music player

Video recording

No feature and OS version disparity

Movie purchases and rentals

App selection

Touchscreen and keyboard accuracy

Bulk delete and move

Swipe to delete

Cut and copy

Easier to take a screenshot

Earlier this week we gave you a list of ways that Android beats the iPhone at the smartphone game. And just to be fair, we now offer 10 areas where Apple's device fights back.

At present, the iPhone has the better music player. It has every feature you'd expect in an MP3 player, and its Cover Flow interface can't be beat. We also like the built-in support for podcasts and audio books.

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Though it's only available on the iPhone 3GS, the video-recording feature is as user-friendly as they come. Editing a clip once you've shot it is a snap. Of course, Android phones can record video too, but the process isn't as elegant.

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Though Android continues to suffer from fragmentation in both features and available versions of the operating system, all iPhone devices get the same OS updates at the same time. The iPhone classic never got MMS when it was added, but most features are found on all iPhone devices.

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You may complain about iTunes, but it does offer the iPhone a convenient source for video purchases and downloads. The selection is impressive, the cost is fair and the process is user-friendly.

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Currently the iTunes App store excels in both quantity and quality of apps. And because there aren't different versions of the OS on the market, developers only have to build one app version. Yet, we agree that Apple takes too heavy a hand in blocking potential titles.

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In our experience and in third-party tests, the iPhone has a more accurate touchscreen. We also prefer the design of the iPhone's virtual keyboard.

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This is a minor issue, but we like that you can move and delete multiple emails at once. At present, not all Android phones let you do this.

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Another minor point, but swipe to delete is just so easy to use.

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Android also offers cut, copy and paste, but the iPhone has a better interface for making it happen.

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We debated about mentioning this, but when you're preparing a slideshow like this, the iPhone offers a quick and simple way to grab a screenshot of your device. With Android, you'll need to go through more steps.

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