Wandrd Prvke camera bag is made for adventure (pictures)

Looking for a camera bag that can just as easily be used for your daily commute or a weekend out of town? This -- pronounced "Wandered Provoke" -- might just be the backpack of your dreams.

Joshua Goldman
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A bag within a bag within a bag. That pretty well sums up the Wandrd Prvke pack. Designed by two adventuresome brothers, Spencer and Ryan Cope, the Prvke pack (pronounced Provoke) is a camera bag, a commuter backpack and weekend traveler all rolled into one. The design was born from frustration with other bags they bought to try and match their wandering lifestyle.

After a successful Kickstarter, the Prvke is now available direct from the company's site

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Right side

The bag is made from tarpaulin and nylon dobby with pockets secured by YKK zippers. The whole thing weighs 4 pounds (1.8 kg). It isn't waterproof, but can handle a little rain. For full-on downpours a rain cover is included.

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Expandable pocket

This side pocket can hold a water bottle or you can unzip it to stretch it around the legs of a compact tripod.

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Left side

The accessory straps on the sides can be connected to each other to secure things to the front of the bag.

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Side access

The side access zipper lets you get to your camera without fully opening the bag.

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Pocket on the flap

Open the side access panel and you'll find a small zippered pocket for extra bits like batteries and memory cards.

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Removable camera pack

Not taking a lot of camera gear or only taking your camera gear? You can pull out the camera storage cube that holds a dSLR and up to seven lenses. Eight configurable dividers are included.

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Straps and handles

Padding on the back and straps keeps it comfortable. There are also elastic bits on the straps to hold lens caps or extra batteries or other small accessories you need to keep handy.

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There are magnets in the hand straps to help keep them together so they don't flap all over the place when not in use.

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Grab and go

The top handles make it easy to carry on and off a plane, train or bus.

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Secret pocket

A hidden pocket at the bottom of the back gives you a place to stash things like a passport, wallet or whatever.

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Clamshell back

The back opens completely so you can pack it like you would a suitcase. Plus, the laptop sleeve on the back panel makes it TSA-friendly. Just open it up and slide it through the scanner.

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Laptops big and small

Instead of buying a bag based on the size of your laptop, the Prvke has an adjustable sleeve that holds laptops from 13 to 17 inches.

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Laptop access

When you just need to grab your laptop out, all you need to do is open the back zippers at the top and grab it.

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Roll top

The advantage of the roll top, aside from easy loading and unloading, is that it'll expand when you need it, but can keep the bag compact when you don't.

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Feed me

The roll top opening gives you plenty of room to get stuff in and out.

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Reach straight down

You have full access to your stuff from top to bottom or in through the back.

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Rainfly pocket

A zippered pocket on the bottom gives you somewhere to stash the bag's rainfly so you don't have to think twice about always keeping it with you.

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While the rainfly has elastic to keep it tight on the bag, there are also straps to connect one side to the other so it won't accidentally blow off the bag while riding a motorcycle.

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Accessory straps

Two accessory straps are included that can be used for securing a tripod or other equipment to the bag. However, if you wear the bag on your chest, you can use the straps to secure the bag while open, so you can reach in to change lenses, swap batteries or just grab a snack.

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Camera sling strap

Have you ever tried to wear a camera sling strap with a backpack? It's a pain. Wandrd solves this by including one that attaches to the bag's shoulder strap.

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Now available

Lastly, there's a big zippered pocket on front for anything you need to get at quickly.

You can get the Wandrd Prvke direct from the company's site starting at $184

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