VSCO Cam is excellent for editing your images with an intuitive interface and precise tools, and new syncing and Journal features make it even better.

Photo by: Marta Franco/CNET

The Grid

The Grid lets you look at photos from other VSCO users curated by the VSCO team. I like the attention to the content showing big images that are easy to browse through, but I'd like to see more feedback features and ways to explore all the content.

Photo by: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

The Journal

New in version 4.0, the Journal lets you lay out your photo projects and describe the experience in a magazine-like interface.

Photo by: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Your light table

With VSCO Cam you can bring in photos you've already taken or snap a new one. The light-table screen is where you can browse your photos and decide what you want to do with them.

Photo by: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Editing photos on iPad

With the upgraded iPad version, you can edit photos with the filters within thumbs reach on the left, and a slider to adjust the intensity on the right.

Photo by: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Side-by-side filters

When you want to see how the filters look side by side, you can touch a grid-shaped button at the bottom, then view your image with each of the available filters.

Photo by: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET


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