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Yesterday, we reported on an electric bicycle concept from Japanese car company Lexus -- barely 12 hours later, we've spotted another, the Bik.e by Volkswagen.

Unlike the Lexus hybrid bike, this is an electric-only model that doesn't require any pedal power. Very few concrete details have been released about its propulsion system, but we're guessing it packs some sort of lithium-ion battery cell and a hub motor at the centre of the rear wheel.

VW reckons it'll have a top speed of 20kph and a range of 20km. We're also told the bike can be folded up and stored in the boot of your car or mounted in place of the spare wheel -- so you can drive to work and cycle all the way to your desk, Nathan Barley style.

VW has yet to confirm whether the Bik.e will go into production, so for the moment, the closest we'll get is drooling over the pics in our photo gallery.

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You can't can't tell from here, but the Bik.e can be folded up -- like those stupid bikes people take on the train.

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This lady's all, "Excuse me, where are the pedals?"

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