Vizio phone

The Vizio VIA Phone is an Android phone with a 4-inch touch screen due out in the summer of 2011. The price has yet to be announced.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CNET

Back of phone

The back of the Vizio VIA Phone includes a 5-megapixel camera (no flash) and a pair of integrated speakers.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CNET

Back of VIA

Here's another shot of the back of the Vizio phone, in its entirety.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CNET

Right side of phone

The right side of the Vizio phone includes a volume rocker and mute switch.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CNET

Top of phone

The top of the Vizio phone offers a headphone jack, power button/screen lock, and a hidden feature: an IR blaster. Coupled with Vizio's own remote control software, the IR blaster can be used to control up to 95 percent of IR-controlled consumer A/V equipment.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CNET

Bottom of phone

The bottom of the VIA Phone includes a USB sync port and mini HDMI port, which can output video at up to 1080p.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CNET


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