Video games, movies, drones reign at London Toy Fair (photos)

Movies, TV shows, video games, and flying drones are all the rage at the London Toy Fair, where this years top toys are shown off.

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The Toy Fair in London is where all the hottest toys of the year are debuted. This year, TV show, movie, and video game merchandise are the biggest trends, along with all manner of flying gadgets.
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"Breaking Bad" might have come to an end (did you see the finale? OMG!), but there's no harm in popping a Heisenberg action figure on your desk at work.
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Or why not have a nap on a pillow that reminds you of your favorite meth dealers?
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"Game of Thrones" gets the action figure treatment too.
5 of 60 Andrew Hoyle/CNET
Show your allegiance to House Lannister with this Tyrion figurine.
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If you made close, personal friends with Claptrap in "Borderlands," you'll probably love having him in miniature form on your bedside table.
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Or if you're more into "Halo," pop Master Chief on there.
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Thankfully, this "Portal 2" turret doesn't actually shoot you each time you walk past.
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No game is safe from the hands of figurine makers. "Team Fortress 2" succumbs.
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Plushy models are available too. Sadly, they're yet to do "Half Life" versions, meaning I can't get an Alyx Vance doll and a Gordon Freeman doll and mash them together while making kissing noises.
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They probably lose their value once you open the packaging, but that won't stop me taking out this "Assassins Creed" figurine and walking him up the CNET office walls and throwing him at the HR department as a stealth attack.
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Attack as many creepers as you want with these pixelated foam "Minecraft" swords.
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The Toy Fair is housed in a huge hangar-style building in central London. If you make, sell, write about, or just want to play with toys, it's the place to be.
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"Minecraft" was so popular it had its own stand.
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"Hsssssss" says this creeper backpack. Not literally -- you'll need to make the sound effect as you strut about knowing you have the coolest backpack around.
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A blocky, pixelated "Minecraft" figurine might be taking the franchise a step too far.
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Some giant Pokemon turned up. Thankfully, no fights ensued.
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Sonic didn't seem too pleased about being stuck between two Peppa Pigs.
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What a happy bunch! The actors inside the suits spend up to a year in the costumes ahead of time to "capture the essence" of the character, I'm told.
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Iron Man was all over the place at the Toy Fair.
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This round, plushy form was my favorite. Never has iron looked so comfortable.
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Want a hand-painted bust of Iron Man for your entrance hall? It'll set you back a cool $1,318 (£800).
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This one is blue, which I'm sure will make sense to you if you've seen any of the films.
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This 2-foot-tall model is even cooler than the bust. It costs more than two grand. I've ordered three.
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The Tumbler from Batman might be the coolest car around.
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It might be a little dangerous to drive, so why not pop your little ones in this electric Batmobile?
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There's a trike version if you prefer.
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If you'd rather live like Bruce Wayne, this remote-controlled Lamborghini might be more your thing.
31 of 60 Andrew Hoyle/CNET
Hi, friend!
32 of 60 Andrew Hoyle/CNET
A partially destroyed Terminator figure might be the perfect romantic Valentine's Day gift.
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This sadly wasn't on sale. Perhaps because somebody is inside it.
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Lego had one of the biggest stands at the show, but it wasn't keen on me taking pictures. You saw the Simpsons Lego set, though, right? That's coming soon.
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Quadracopters came in all shapes and sizes at the show. The Nano Quad by Revell was easily the smallest.
36 of 60 Andrew Hoyle/CNET
Slightly larger, the H10tC quadrocopter has a built-in camera to capture footage of you crashing it into your colleague's head.
37 of 60 Andrew Hoyle/CNET
The Air Terminators are equipped with lasers and infrared beams, letting you battle multiple models against each other.
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This Angry Birds helicopter, meanwhile, comes with TNT boxes for for flying fun.
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Don't fancy taking to the air? Take a dive then with this Aqua Bot robot fish by Hex Bug.
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The AI copter by TX Juice has auto-hover and auto-land functions, hopefully allowing even the most ham-fisted of you to take to the skies.
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Helicopters were buzzing all around the show. It's not a place to carry a huge butterfly net.
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It's not just helicopters to watch out for, either. Dinosaurs roam around, threatening to bite anyone who doesn't place an order for 1,000 units of Iron Man plushies.
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The Attop Explorer is controlled via an iOS app and has a built-in camera, letting you get up close and personal with your pets.
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Have a spare few hundred hours of time on your hands? Try putting this 6-foot Knex ferris wheel together. You'll also need a pretty massive indoor space. Looks brilliant though.
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If you have any time left after building ferris wheels, you can become a master of Rubik's cubes, like this guy.
46 of 60 Andrew Hoyle/CNET
Not all dinosaurs hate us. This Teksta robot dinosaur is happy to simply tolerate us, so long as we feed him electronic bones.
47 of 60 Andrew Hoyle/CNET
You build the Smart Car by Thames and Kosmos yourself, using a guidebook that teaches you about robotics as you go through the stages.
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Once built, you can use an augmented reality iPad app to drive the car around virtual buildings on the floor.
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Why not buy a toy for your toy? The Lottie doll is aimed as an alternative to Barbie. Instead of obsessing over makeup and cars, Lottie is more interested in building a robot friend. The creators hope to get younger girls interested in engineering and robotics.
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The Internet is leaking. Instead of caring for your Moshi Monsters online, you can snag them in plushie form to cuddle and stroke before the board meeting about the Henderson account.
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A plethora of scooters were on show at the toy fair this year.
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Razor has a whole bunch of electric-powered ride-on models.
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The E300 is built for adults who want to commute while also looking like a spoiled child. It'll set you back $494 (£300) if you want it with the seat.
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Much more fun is the Crazy Cart, which has a rear castor wheel, letting you drift around corners.
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You could be this happy if you bought the Crazy Cart. It really did look a lot of fun.
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You can even pull donuts around unsuspecting people walking past. I'm not sure how happy this lady is.
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Make light work of airport queues by getting this Micro scooter with a built-in suitcase.
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I can say from personal experience that you can hurl the Aerobie flying ring further than nearly any other Frisbee. It's the least techie item on this list. Unless you hurl it onto the roof of Google's data center.
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Oh that's right, it's a 12-foot inflatable T-Rex from Great Inflate. There is nothing more suited for the CNET office.
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This rear half of a giraffe sadly wasn't on sale. (I checked.)

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