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Welcome to Verizon's 'destination store'

Wall of devices

Verizon in the home

Verizon store offers different zones

Verizon's business zone

Getting fit with Verizon

Having a little fun with Verizon

Verizon Wireless is hoping to offer a new retail strategy, and on Tuesday showed off a new "destination store" in the Mall of America in Minnesota. The carrier is going for a grander, brighter feel, with more white than red and lots of lights and space.
Caption by / Photo by Verizon
You have a question about a smartphone? Verizon had large images and the actual devices below along one wall of the store.
Caption by / Photo by Verizon
Verizon shows how wireless can help the home in this model found in the store.
Caption by / Photo by Verizon
The store is split into six different zones focusing on different themes. The "Amped" zone offers more wireless music and speaker accessories.
Caption by / Photo by Verizon
One zone is dedicated to business workers on the go, showing off devices that work with the mobile professional. The zone is intended to create an experience that helps educate customers.
Caption by / Photo by Verizon
Verizon's Fit Zone shows off connected devices that help you track your activity and health. You can even take a spin on a treadmill and track your progress with a FitBit device.
Caption by / Photo by Verizon
A miniature golf set up to demonstrate the store's "Fun Zone." It's a demonstration of how robotic sphere balls can be controlled over a the Minnesota-inspired course -- complete with Paul Bunyan and his blue ox.
Caption by / Photo by Verizon
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