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BPG Motors was started when high school student Benjamin Gulak took a trip to China and saw the pollution from motorbikes and scooters. He started designing an electric scooter that would be cool and cleaner.

At CES, the company he founded will show off a prototype of the Uno III, which folds up to operate as a Segway-like unicycle. That allows it to fit into tight spaces, such as an elevator, or move through mixed-use city spaces with pedestrians.

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Motor bike look

When the front wheel pulls out, it becomes a regular scooter, viewed here from the back. But the styling is definitely meant to look more like a motorcycle. The scooter is projected to go about 35 miles per hour and have a range of about 30 miles.

The company plans to start making scooters much like this in about a year on a limited production run.

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Folding out

This is a screenshot from a video created by BPG Motors, which shows how the scooter can transition from its upright mode to its "motorcycle" mode while still riding.

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