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So what do you get with the iPod Classic? Not much but it's the minimalism which is an intrinsic part of its appeal.

Whoa Nelly! It's the sixth generation iPod. Sorry, Steve, I mean the new iPod Classic.

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Pop the top and you get a plastic wrapped sixth-gen iPod in all its shiny metal glory.

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Remove the iPod and its holding dish, and you'll get the usual iPod accoutrements. There's a set of white Apple stickers -- just perfect for turning your PC into a pseudo-Mac, natch! -- as well as a Quick Start instruction guide, some disclaimers and a bag full o' goodies.

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The essentials: your new iPod (our review model was plastered with "Property of Apple" stickers which ruined the aesthetics somewhat), the "classic" white Apple earbuds (throw them away, invest fifty big ones in a decent set and your ears will forever be in your debt), USB cable and a mount for docking stations.

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