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'Star Wars' conundrum

Twaggies give tweets a visual lift thanks to a team of artists and illustrators who take the funniest and weirdest tweets and turn them into little comics.

Artist David Collier illustrated this "Star Wars" tweet asking a question that left fans contemplating the answer.

Photo by: Twaggies

Captain Kirk-speak

This "Star Trek" comic was the 384th illustrated tweet published by Twaggies, a site dedicated to making text tweets into visual treats. Twaggies, which has been in operation since 2009, is closing in on its 1,000th illustration.
Photo by: Twaggies

Truth about cats

Twaggies, illustrated comic versions of tweets, have certain criteria. Mostly, they need to be funny. A stray Twitter observation about the nature of cats made the cut, getting turned into this Twaggie created by freelance artist Charles C. Somerville.
Photo by: Twaggies

Laundry day tweet

Twitter user @ImNotMegan1 tweeted the simple missive, "The laundry is all clean. NOBODY WEAR ANYTHING." It became the jumping-off point for a Twaggies comic illustration. Twaggies illustrate tweets with a twist.
Photo by: Twaggies

Alligator musings

A well-timed tweet can cheer you up. A well-timed Twaggies illustrating that well-timed tweet can be an even bigger boost. The site takes weird and funny tweets and sets a team of artists loose to illustrate them.
Photo by: Twaggies

Whole Foods tweet

Twitter is an outlet for letting the world know your innermost thoughts. A teasing tweet about Whole Foods' reputation for expensive produce became the basis for a Twaggies illustration. Twaggies has been around since 2009, hosting a series of short comic versions of tweets.
Photo by: Twaggies

Bad day tweet gets illustrated

The Twaggies site sets a team of artists and illustrators loose on strange and funny tweets. Over the course of four years, the site had generated nearly 1,000 short comics based on random tweets. This one captures a Twitter user's cry of frustration.
Photo by: Twaggies

'K' is for potassium

The popular text messaging shortcut "K" gets a new meaning in this Twaggies illustration of a tweet. Twaggies features the work of a team of illustrators and artists who create visual interpretations of offbeat Twitter messages.
Photo by: Twaggies</a>

Twaggies go the Far Side

A clever pun sets the stage for a Far Side-tribute Twaggie. Artist Donovan Santiago created this Gary Larson tweet comic for Twaggies, a site on a mission to turn funny text tweets into visual feasts through the contributions of a team of artists and illustrators.
Photo by: Twaggies


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