Hazy Mount Rainier

This is a typical hazy image of Washington's Mount Rainier. However, Microsoft researchers have found a pretty unique way to cut through the fog.

At this week's TechFair in Mountain View, Calif., Microsoft researcher Neel Joshi showed a technique that uses video clips and burst-mode photography to create surprisingly sharp still images and panoramas from a blurry source.

Photo by: Microsoft

A little less hazy, but now grainy

This is what a typical photo-editing program might be able to do to remove the fog from a hazy image of Mount Rainier.

Click on the next photo to see what Microsoft Research was able to do using a video clip of that same hazy view.

Photo by: Microsoft

Much clearer

By using just a short video clip of the hazy mountain, researchers were able to come up with a surprisingly sharp image.
Photo by: Microsoft

ready to jump

Capturing moments like jumping off a cliff can be difficult, making one more likely to take a video instead.
Photo by: Microsoft

Using video to capture the moment

Researchers show how a pretty dramatic still of the jump can be created using the video.
Photo by: Microsoft

Microsoft's Building 99

This panorama of Building 99, home to Microsoft Research, was created from a rather wobbly video pan of the building.
Photo by: Microsoft


These cranes are hard to see in the still image.
Photo by: Microsoft

That's more like it

However, the cranes and the background come into better view when the image is de-hazed and de-noised from a variety of frames taken out of a video.
Photo by: Microsoft

Seattle, through the fog

Here's a typical shot of downtown Seattle, fog and all. Click the next photo to see what Microsoft researchers were able to do to clear things up a bit.
Photo by: Microsoft

Clearing Seattle's sky

Once again, using the multi-image method, researchers are able to remove much of the fog from the shot.
Photo by: Microsoft


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