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Logitech Wireless Boombox

Priced competitively at $150, the Logitech Wireless Boombox offers high-fidelity sound to release your tunes from an iPad or other Bluetooth device, but its bulky footprint won't likely make its way to your next picnic or backyard barbecue.


Bose SoundLink Wireless

The Bose SoundLink Wireless is the best-sounding, loudest-playing compact portable Bluetooth speaker we've ever heard.


SuperTooth Disco

If you don't mind the unfortunate audio degradation innate to all Bluetooth speakers, the SuperTooth Disco is a solid alternative to the classic three-piece computer speaker set. And at $150, it's priced cheaper than most Bluetooth speakers we've tested without sacrificing usability or style, and makes a recommendable addition to your home or office entertainment.

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Jawbone Jambox

Jawbone sets a precedent for beautiful in its sleek Jambox Bluetooth speaker, and we recommend this portable speaker to anyone looking to blast music on the run.


Creative D100

The Creative D100 gets the party started with a budget price tag and an elegant design offered in four color options. 

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