The Infinuvo Hovo 510 robot vacuum

Budget-friendly robot vacuum manufacturer Infinuvo is back this year with the Hovo 510, a familiar-looking floor cleaner that promises quality performance at a fraction of what you'd normally pay. Click through for a closer look.
Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

Crumbs, beware!

The Hovo utilizes a spinning brush that helps sweep debris under the brushroll, where it can be sucked up into the bin.
Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

Automatic charging

When its battery runs low, the Hovo will automatically return to its base to recharge.
Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

Behold, a better bin

Previous Infinuvo models featured a bin with a terribly impractical design. Thankfully, the Hovo remedies that issue with a more traditional, drawer-style bin that works much better.
Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

Remote controls

You can start, stop, or steer the Hovo around with the included remote. You'll also be able to set an automatic cleaning schedule.
Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

Rubber bumper

The Hovo features a rubber bumper to keep it from dinging up your furniture, although it's designed not to run into anything in the first place.
Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET

Cheaper cleaning

You can find the Hovo at major retailers or on sites such as Amazon for around $200, which makes it significantly less expensive than name-brand robot vacuums. At that price, we think it's worth consideration, but be sure to read our full review first.
Photo by: Colin West McDonald/CNET


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