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Brava oven

Brava's $995 oven cooks with six lamps using visible and nonvisible light instead of traditional heating and convection methods. A meal kit marketplace and accompanying app allow you to customize your culinary experience. 

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Touchscreen controls

Choose from several menus within the oven's touchscreen controls. You'll get options for baking, searing, toasting and reheating along with Brava's menus for meal kits, combos and individual ingredients. 

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Temperatures and zones

Brava's oven includes six lamps. Three at the bottom and three at the top for three separate temperature zones. That means you can cook multiple foods at once that would normally require multiple oven temperatures.  

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Modern details

A sleek design and silver finish make the Brava oven a stylish addition to any countertop. A rubber mat on the top of the oven is heat-resistant, so you can store dishes or pans on top of it. 

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Portobello burger

We cooked Brava's Portobello burger recipe with great results. A tasty burger with mushroom, roasted tomato, onions and fontina cheese made for a great dish in under 20 minutes. The cost for two burgers and side salads? $28. 

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Dimensions and capacity

The Brava oven has just 0.6 cubic feet of cooking space. That's enough for most small dishes and meals for two, but you won't be able to cook large items like a full-size turkey in this countertop model. 

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Prosciutto-wrapped chicken and romanesco broccoli

Dishes like this chicken for two involve a lot of prep work. That's one downside to this pricey oven and its expensive meal kits. You'll be working hard to put your plate together. In the end, the results are still tasty. 

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Lamps and light

Brava uses these lamps to direct a wide spectrum of light and cook the food directly. The oven includes a cleaning mode to get the lamps back in tip-top shape, since it's not recommended that you touch or clean them by hand. 

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Hanger steak and sweet potatoes

One of the priciest meals we tasted, this hanger steak and sweet potatoes meal comes with a side salad and costs $45 for two servings. 

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