This designer Samsung TV looks like a painting

Most TVs look like big, black rectangles that clash with your otherwise tasteful decor. This chic Samsung is wall art. Bonus: Another TV that looks like sculpture.

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David Katzmaier
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Spot the TV

The Frame by Samsung takes the concept of "TV as art" further than any we've seen before. Shown here with a wooden frame, this 55-inch 4K TV is currently displaying still art, complete with a white matte.

The Frame ships June 18 and costs $2000 for the 55-inch size and $2800 for a 65-inch version.

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A picture is worth 1,000 words

It looks a lot like a painting, even from up close. The wood part seen here is the TV's actual frame, and the rest is screen. That includes the white matte, or border between the wood frame and the image itself.

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Selectable matte color

The matte can be colored according to taste. This preview screen shows what the matte color change looks like.

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TV remote

The Frame has similar specifications to one of its midtier MU series TVs. The remote, however, is premium-grade.

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The natural wood frame doesn't look like any standard TV.

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Framed times three

Optional frame add-ons are available. They cost $200 each for the 55-incher and $250 each for the 65-incher.

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Magnetic attachment

You can pop the optional frames on and off easily since they're attached via magnets.

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Basic black

The Frame's default frame color is black. 

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Never off

Instead of turning off like a standard TV, leaving a blank black rectangle on the wall, The Frame is designed to always show its picture when someone is in the room.

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Motion sensor

How does it "know" when someone is in the room? Using this motion sensor. As long as it senses someone in the room it keeps up the image, but after a period of motionlessness the screen goes blank, saving power.

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Preloaded images

The Frame comes with more than 100 art pieces, including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action scenes and drawings.

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The artists get credit.

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As do the photographers.

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Brown matte

Here's the same photo presented with a darker matte frame.

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Your own photos

Of course, you can display your own photos, too, either loaded onto the TV via USB or using the app on your phone.

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Photo layout options

You can choose different layouts for custom images as well. You can also get additional professional art images from Samsung's library at $20 each, or subscribe for $5 per month to get access to the whole collection.

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Triptych landscape

Here's a landscape photo given the three-way treatment.

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Family photos

Yes, you can also display your pictures of family members, even four-legged ones.

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What about your stuff?

Every TV has a bunch of stuff (cable box, Blu-ray player, Roku, game console, etc.) connected to it. The Frame connects to it in the same way as other Samsung TVs of recent vintage...

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Breakout box

Your stuff connects to a separate breakout box with HDMI inputs (here's one from a 2016 Samsung TV; the one that come with The Frame will be similar). Then a single wire runs between that box and The Frame.

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Wire thin

That single wire is actually fiber-optic and extremely thin, so it's relatively easy to hide. Of course, a professional installer could also run it through the wall.

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Flush wall mount

The Frame sits close to the wall, thanks to Samsung's "no-gap wall mount," which is included.

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Legs to stand on

If you decide not to wall-mount The Frame for some reason, you'll use the included legs to set it on a table or other furniture.

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Sleek remote

The all-metal remote looks great and felt substantial in my hand.

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Menu system

Settings for controlling The Frame's art-centric features are part of the normal Samsung menu.

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Bonus: Samsung Serif

The Frame is coming soon, but the Serif TV launched last year. It's a 40-inch design-focused set that costs $1,500.

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An 'I' from the side

Font fans will appreciate the reference.

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Top of the 'I'

Like The Frame, this set doesn't look like any other TV.

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Back of Serif

The rear of the set is fabric.

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Hidden inputs

Peel back the fabric to reveal HDMI and other connections.

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Power button

That's a clean look.

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Smaller for Asia

Other markets get access to an even smaller Serif TV, perfect for bookshelves.

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