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Integrated Lightning cable

Charges via Micro-USB

Leather construction

Relatively compact

Top view

Side view

Wallet power

Wallets compared

Nomad, a San Francisco-based startup that has made some interesting iPhone and Apple Watch accessories in the past, is at it again with its new Wallet for iPhone. It "took the ubiquitous bifold wallet and stealthily built a 2,400 mAh battery with an Apple MFi-certified Lightning cable into the spine," the company claims, "without making Wallet any thicker than the average wallet guys are already sitting on."

It's available for pre-order now at a $20 discount of $79. And will be $99 after it ships on November 16.

Wallet will be available through, Amazon and for US customers in Best Buy stores. UK and Australian details are yet to be revealed, but $99 converts to around £65 or AU$140, plus shipping if you want to buy it online.

Caption by / Photo by Nomad

The Wallet for iPhone holds cash and eight cards and has a built-in 3-inch Lightning cable.

Caption by / Photo by Nomad

You charge the Wallet via a Micro-USB port. The integrated 2,400 mAh battery delivers one complete iPhone 6 or 6S charge.

Caption by / Photo by Nomad

It's made of "rugged Saffiano leather."

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Closed, the Wallet for iPhone measures 4.7 by 0.75 by 3.5 inches (120 by 19 by 89mm).

Caption by / Photo by Nomad

A view of the Wallet from above.

Caption by / Photo by Nomad
Caption by / Photo by Nomad

The Nomad Wallet for iPhone ships on November 16.

Caption by / Photo by Nomad
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