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Tormund and Brienne find love

Jon Snow tells a lie

We get some more dragons

Lady Stoneheart

Gilly becomes Lady of Horn Hill

Euron Greyjoy gets what's coming to him


More Gendry sprints

We find out what the ice dragon is breathing

Bran wargs into a wight

Missandei and Grey Worm live happily ever after

Cersei's death scene

Arya poaches Jaime's face to check Cersei off her list

We find out who Tyrion's real parents are

Tyrion finds some peace

Qyburn gets his comeuppance

Zombie Hodor

We find out who Azor Ahai is

Ghost comes back

Bronn gets his castle

It's official: There's only one season remaining on HBO's best drama about dragons and mean undead. Here's what we'd really like to see when Season 8 of "Game of Thrones" finally rolls around.

First! Did Tormund survive the collapsing wall? Will he ever get to make very large babies with Brienne of Tarth? We hope so. They both deserve a little romance.

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Honest Abe over here dismantled Tyrion's entire plan when he wouldn't lie to Cersei about his allegiance to Daenerys. We're hoping Dany and Tyrion can coach him in the art of the little white lie.

About anything. His favorite pizza topping. Anything.

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You've got two dragons. That's exactly how many you need to make some eggs.

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In the books, Lady Stoneheart is a resurrected Catelyn Stark, whose sole purpose is avenging her family. Maybe Arya the assassin is the closest thing we'll get to Lady Stoneheart, or maybe Mom will rejoin her on her quest.

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Gilly has had a rough life, and we'd love to see her as the lady of her own castle. The path to the head of House Tarly is pretty clear now, given that Samwell's disapproving dad was burned by Drogon for refusing to bend the knee to Daenerys.

Caption by / Photo by HBO

Euron Greyjoy is nasty. We're hoping a rampaging war elephant steps on him.

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In the show's seventh season finale, the Hound told his brother, the Mountain, that it's gonna go down between the two of them. We can't wait for that sweet Clegane on Clegane combat.

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Gendry is the fastest Baratheon on two legs. He's also the only Baratheon left alive, but he's really, really fast. He covered the distance from the wights to Eastwatch in just one scene. How much ground could he cover wearing fewer layers?

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Was it ice? Was it blue fire? Does the Night King have a stash of Ice Breakers mints that we don't know about?

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There are plenty of fan theories about Bran's relationship to the wights, but we'd like to submit a request for Bran to warg into the Night King.

Caption by / Photo by HBO

They have to give us SOMETHING.

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She's the show's most dangerous human villain, and we're excited to see how she goes down.

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We have to get at least one more sneaky-faced Arya attack before the series is over. Our dream: Arya hijacks Jaime's face to get close to Cersei, satisfying the "little sibling" prophecy and avenging her father's death.

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We still think Tyrion is a secret Targaryen. Are he and Jon brothers? We hope to find out next season.

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Even if Tyrion isn't a secret Targaryen, we'd love to see him find a nice, relaxing hammock somewhere where he doesn't have to worry about zombies or his murderous sister.

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Qyburn has been the mastermind behind some of Cersei's sneakiest power grabs. We're ready for him to go the way of Littlefinger.

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We just know he's got to be out there... right? With luck, when he surfaces, it won't be too traumatic for whoever crosses his path.

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The Prince who was Promised could be pretty much anyone, since the word "prince" in High Valyrian has no gender.

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Where is Jon Snow's dog? Do we need to put up posters? Is someone dog-sitting?

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Bronn has been talking about settling down to count his money for at least two seasons. Somebody give this man some vacation days and a castle.

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