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They built THAT into an iPhone case?

Apple's iPhone introduced a whole new category of technology and unlocked an endless stream of applications that put a computer right into our pockets. Today there are apps for banking, sharing, dating, and gaming. Sometimes though, we need something a little more -- well -- tactile.

These cases take utility to the next level, building additional tools into your iPhone. Some of them are for defense, while others are for drinking or watching movies. And some are just plain odd. Take a look at a few of our favorite choices for unique iPhone case design.

Opena, the iPhone bottle opener case. So you never miss a call -- or a beer, again.

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iFoolish drawing case

The iFoolish Magic Drawing Case is a retro style drawing board for your iPhone.

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LED notifications

Multi-colored LED lights on the Endliss Smartcase for iPhone 5 flash in different patterns to notify you of an incoming message. It's compatible with Twitter, Facebook, texts messages, phone calls, and emails.

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FLASHr LED notifications

This LED notifications case never made it to market. The Kickstarter project, which used iOS's "LED Flash for Alerts" feature, illuminated the edges of your phone for calls, texts, and push notifications.

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You can download the digital designs (here) to make your very own set of iKnuck, the iPhone defense system from Thingiverse.

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Spray it and say it

The Mace Case is pepper spray and an iPhone case in one.

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650,000-volt iPhone case

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case prototype combines phone protection with personal protection in the form of a built-in stun gun.

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Do not eat this case

This 3D iPhone 4 case and cover on Etsy is an odd, but cute (I guess?) Shrimp Tempura, Pork Gyoza and a bottle of Sake....

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Pocket projector

This slim 15-lumen LED projector case for the iPhone lets you show movies from your phone projected onto walls in 640x360 native display resolution up to 50 inches.

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Rainbow horse

Timeless Styling's rainbow horse case design is for those of you who have always wanted a horse attached to your phone.

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Game Boy iPhone case

If you're a gamer looking for a little fun for your phone, this Game Boy Retro iPhone Case is for you.

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For iPhoneopgraphy

Looking to take your iPhoneography to the next level? The Orbit Pro is a case with built-in lenes. The Orbit has been meticulously engineered with significant innovations to phone protection and mobile photography. In short, the iZZi Orbit takes the iPhone’s built in camera to the next level!

Using Peripheral Motion Lock Technology the case rotates through four different optical lenses -- a 180 degree fisheye, a 2X telephoto, a 67X wide-angle, and a macro lens.

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