The coolest Pokemon collectibles

They're great gifts for the Pokemon Go fanatic in your life -- or just keep 'em all yourself.

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1 of 19 The Pokemon Company

Intern Pikachu

Worried that bringing your plushies to work will make you look childish? There's no such problem with Intern Pikachu; he's dressed fine enough to meet even the strictest of dress codes.

This adorable guy can be bought for $17.99 at the Pokemon Center online store.

2 of 19 Composite by Fox Van Allen

Pokemon Go Plus

To paraphrase Mugatu, Pokemon Go is so hot right now, so naturally the only official accessory for the game, Pokemon Go Plus, is burning hotter than a thousand Arcanine.

The $35 clip-on attachment allows you to capture Pokemon without needing to look at your phone. It's coming to stores later this month, but most (all?) have already been spoken for through preorders. That hasn't stopped sellers from trying to unload their yet-to-be-received devices on eBay for over $100, with a couple having sold for upward of $200.

3 of 19 U-Treasure by K. Uno

Silver Gengar ring

If you're going to put a ring on it, you may as well choose the most awesome ring possible, and it doesn't get much more awesome than an officially licensed, silver (950) Gengar ring from specialty jewelry brand U-Treasure by K. Uno.

Before you fall too far in love, you'll need to know these key facts: It's expensive (roughly $200; the Pokeball case is extra), and it won't be easy to get in the US. But hey, no one said catching 'em all would be easy.

4 of 19 U-Treasure by K. Uno

How about a Pikachu wedding ring?

And if you want a legit Pokemon-themed wedding ring? Well, U-Treasure can help you out there too. That Pikachu solitaire starts around $600 with a cubic zirconia, though you can upgrade to a diamond if you've saved up enough Pokedollars.

5 of 19 Home Textile

Giant Pikachu mattress

This 7-foot Pikachu bed is so unbelievably cute that we can't even. We can't even, you guys.

The bed itself retails for $230, and will cost you just over $400 with shipping from Aliexpress.

6 of 19 The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Trainer Red

Not all the best Pokemon figurines are Japanese exclusives. This limited-edition Nendoroid Red: Champion Ver. figurine set comes complete with a hand-painted Red (including swappable faces and arms), Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise.

It's not cheap, though. The set retails for $99.99 at the Pokemon Center.

7 of 19 NewMall

Pikachu phone case

It always looks obvious when people are playing Pokemon Go on their phones. So why hide it? Embrace your newfound addiction to augmented-reality collecting with a Pokemon-themed smartphone case.

We found this NewMall Pikachu silicone case for the iPhone 6S on Amazon for just $4.

8 of 19 Kawada Co. Ltd

Pokemon Nanoblock toys

Pokemon are awesome. Lego are awesome. So it only stands to reason that the two of them together are double awesome, if not awesome squared.

Japanese toy company Kawada Co. Ltd is well known for its Nanoblock line of figurines (think Lego, but smaller), which includes several of your favorite Pokemon. Many of these are out of stock at US retailers, but you can still find most at reasonable prices on Amazon.com.

9 of 19 Spencers

Plush Pikachu slippers

Do you have sore and calloused feet from hatching all those damn 10-kilometer eggs? Treat yo'self (after a nice, long soak) to this rad pair of plush Pikachu slippers*! They're currently just $16.48 at spencersonline.com.

*Smoking jacket and pipe not included.

10 of 19 Composite by Fox Van Allen

Pokemon Special Edition 3DS XL

If you ever find yourself in the market for a new Nintendo 3DS XL, we recommend keeping an eye out for special editions. You'll pay a premium price, but you get a far cooler item, and many of Nintendo's Pokemon-themed handhelds have appreciated dramatically in value since their release.

This Pokemon Red Special Edition has long since sold out in stores here in the US, but with a little bit of Google know-how, you can still find a few remaining units available at or near retail price.

11 of 19 The Pokemon Company

Ditto plushies

Ditto is one of our favorite Pokemon, if only because Ditto can be any Pokemon -- only cuter. So naturally, we're in love with these limited-edition Series 2 Ditto-themed plushies, released in May 2016.

To get your hands on these, you'll need to visit a Pokemon Center in Japan. You can use a Pokemon Center importer, too, but you'll have to pay a premium.

12 of 19 The Pokemon Center

Pikachu mug

We challenge you to find a cuter Pikachu mug than this. Go ahead.

The Pikachu Big Face Mug is available for $14.95 at Pokemon Center.

13 of 19 The Pokemon Company

Pikachu Pop Star plush

Move over, Jigglypuff. There's a new star climbing the pop charts.

This 9-inch cosplay Pikachu, Pikachu Pop Star Poké Plush, is available from the Pokemon Center for $19.99.

14 of 19 Hori

Pikachu Gold 3DS XL Protector

If you're not lucky enough to have a Pokemon special edition 3DS XL -- or if you just want to keep it free of scratches and other damage -- check out this officially licensed Pikachu Premium Gold Protector by Hori.

It won't be released until September 2016, but you can preorder it now on Amazon.com for $19.99.

15 of 19 The Pokemon Company

Pikachu Libre plushie

We fell in love with Pikachu Libre when he showed up in Pokken Tournament, so naturally, we were thrilled to find this 9.25-inch cosplay Pikachu plushie available at the Pokemon Center online store in the US for $19.99.

16 of 19 The Pokemon Company

These ridic cute Pokesocks

With these adorb Pichu and Igglybuff cotton/nylon/spandex Pokesocks in your wardrobe, why would you ever want to wear shoes again?

You can pick up these one-size-fits-all crew socks at the Pokemon Center for $12.50.

17 of 19 The Pokemon Company

Johto Cuties T-shirt

With socks that cute, you should definitely grab this matching $29.95 Johto Cuties shirt to properly coordinate.

It's only available in women's and kids' sizes, but don't worry -- the Pokemon Center has some great men's T-shirts available too.

18 of 19 PersonalThrows

Pokemon Game Boy doormat

With all that Pokemon Go-related walking you've been doing lately, your shoes are sure to get real dirty. Don't track that ish inside your house! Wipe your feet on one of these rad Pokemon doormats.

This Game Boy-inspired "Home Sweet Home" mat measures 18 by 24 inches and has a polyester felt face with a nonslip backing. You can find it for $19.99 on Etsy.

19 of 19 The Pokemon Company

Pokemon cookie cutters

Pokemon aren't just cute, they're also delicious. You know, in cookie form.

Just mix together some sugar, flour, baking soda and a couple Exeggcutes, roll the dough flat, and start stamping away. This $24.95 set from the Pokemon Center includes Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie.

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