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ATMs of awesomeness!

Burritos, birth control, bitcoins: Clearly, only the most conventional ATMs stick to dispensing dollar bills.

Here are some of the cool, offbeat things that can be had with the mere touch of a screen via the machine down the corner...or across the globe:

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Gold bars!

If you run across a gold ATM in Las Vegas or Abu Dhabi, chances are it's literally a gold-dispensing machine. Insert cash or swipe a card at a Gold to Go machine, and buy a gold bar at the going exchange rate.

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Sprinkles launched this regularly stocked sweet machine in 2012 in Beverly Hills. Today, the chain runs nearly a dozen cupcake ATMs, ensuring your red-velvet needs can be met 24/7 across the United States.

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In 2014, Australia's ANZ bank converted 10 of its ATMS into designer "GayTMs" for the weeklong Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras. The GayTMs, which dispense a message of inclusiveness along with cash, are now an annual tradition.

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According to the bitcoin-tracking site Coin ATM Radar, there are more than 700 ATMs worldwide that allow you to convert cash into digital currency. Some, but not all, machines can take you from bitcoins to cash, too.

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Mike Tyson bitcoins!

If you prefer your cash-to-bitcoin transaction to be sanctioned by a former heavyweight boxing champ, then the Mike Tyson-branded ATM bitcoin machine at the Linq Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is for you.

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OK, some of these are are closer to vending machines than ATMs. But we had to include them. Exhibit A: pizza.

In London, you can conduct a pizza transaction -- from payment to hot, cheesy product -- in less than 3 minutes at a Let's Pizza, billed as the "world's first pizza vending machine."

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From Africa to Europe, so-called "condom ATMs" liberate the condom vending machine from the public restroom and add variety, such as lubricants and, in the case of one Brooklyn-based machine, morning-after pills.

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Make a selection, insert cash and -- voila! -- freshly stocked caviar (or truffles, if you prefer) can be yours at one of the machines run by the 90210-based gourmet food company Beverly Hills Caviar.

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These machines are big deals in countries (and especially rural villages) where clean water is a big challenge. The Indian-produced Synergy Water ATM accepts cash or card.

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Nutella-filled Krispy Kremes!

This pop-up ATM, called Hole in the Wall, was operated in May at a London Krispy Kreme to promote the UK launch of these limited-edition doughnuts.

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At this India-based machine, ATM stands for Any Time Milk because you can buy fresh pouches of milk at, yes, any time.

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China's Dongguan Library runs a street-corner, self-service library ATM that it sees as helping ensure access to old-school-but-still-cool paper books.

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The Burritobox sounds like an idea that started in Los Angeles, and it did. The automated burrito-making machine, now found coast to coast, dispenses hand-held meals and sides.

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L'Oreal has offered makeup-on-demand to New York subway commuters, and Benefit operates hot-pink kiosks at US airports. "We thought, if you can buy cupcakes and tacos on the go, why not satisfy your hunger for makeup!?" Benefit asked on its blog.

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Lottery tickets!

If you're at an ATM in Missouri or Minnesota, and you're feeling lucky, you might be able to buy lottery tickets alongside your withdrawal -- of course, you can also skip the withdrawal and just try to get lucky.

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