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Intel's charging bowl will charge devices, eventually

While most of the tech promoted at CES 2014 was probably already on the must-have lists of technophiles, there are many items we simply didn't know we wanted or needed. Here are some of the most...interesting that we've seen.

During Intel's CES 2014 keynote, CEO Brian Krzanich mentioned a wireless charging bowl, where users could drop their devices and have them recharge effortlessly using magnetic resonance technology. Then came the bad news: no price point, no estimated availability date, and the only device it will be able to charge right now? One upcoming Intel smart headset.

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Duracell hopes you'll recharge with more than caffeine at Starbucks

Duracell used technophiles' desperate need for recharging at CES 2014 to promote technology that's been in testing at two Starbucks locations already: wireless Powermat recharging pads. As most people don't have the Powermat case, they've made dongles available for customers to use, and the company hopes to roll out the technology in more stores soon.

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Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer adds moisture to hair

Alexandra Savvides checked out the Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer -- and got a great blowout while she did. The Nanoe claims to add moisture to your hair, which seems contradictory to the purpose of a blowdryer, but for those with dry, damaged hair, if it works, it could be the new trend in hairdryers.

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NuHeat has a thermostat for your heated floors

If you're lucky enough to have heated floors, NuHeat has the thermostat for you. With its first entry into tech, the company announced the NuHeat Signature WiFi floor thermostat at CES 2014. It will work with NuHeat systems as well as other brands, so long as they have a 10K sensor. And it will allow you to control the thermostat via your smartphone. So you can turn up the heat in your floors before you have to get out of bed.

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iCreation SpeeCup gets some CES 2014 buzz

One item at CES 2014 that got some buzz on Twitter was iCreation's SpeeCup, which CNET reviewed in August 2013. The coffee-cup-shaped Bluetooth speaker brings portable Bluetooth functionality wherever you need it.

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Knife block. Cutting board. iPad stand?

CTA Digital (the company that's gone viral with its iPotty) debuted two of its unique design ideas at CES 2014. One is a combination iPad stand, cutting board, and knife block. For those who may not trust their kitchen skills around their iPads, another model has a plastic screen shield.

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LaCie shows off some unique hard drives

Luke Westaway took a look at four new drives from LaCie at CES 2014. While the Sphere shown here is most photogenic, Luke seemed most enamored with the Culbuto, a USB key that doubles as a fun toy.

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NueVue antimicrobial cases for iPhone and iPad

We went hands-on with the NueVue cases for iPhone and iPad, which feature antimicrobial linings to degermify your electronics (as well as clean fingerprints off the screen). Hopefully, you're washing your hands while your iDevices are in the case.

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Corning Gorilla Glass gets germ-killing properties

In case an antimicrobial case isn't enough reassurance for you, Gorilla Glass showed off its new antimicrobial glass at CES 2014. The glass utilizes silver ions to help fight germs.

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Polaroid makes old tech new again

Polaroid presented its rumored Polaroid Socialmatic camera at CES 2014. The 14-megapixel camera will bring "instant" photos to the digital generation, with the ability to post photos to social networks as well as print photos instantly using the company's Zink technology.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Joshua Goldman/CNET
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Have a ball taking pictures with Panono

The Panono panoramic ball camera, which Alexandra Savvides took for a spin at CES 2014, uses 36 cameras to take panoramic photos when you toss the ball into the air.

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Quirky TrewGrip aiming for healthcare use

Bridget Carey went hands-on with the TrewGrip keyboard, a Bluetooth device that puts the keys underneath your hands for touch-typing ability with a smartphone or tablet.

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Yellow Jacket case for iPhone 5 stuns

For those who need their iPhones to double as weapons, the Yellow Jacket case for iPhone 5 turns your smartphone into a stun gun.

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