Sony ups its smartphone game

Meet the big-screened Xperia ZL. For the unsubsidized price of $760, this unlocked handset offers quite a bit, including a massive 5-inch full-HD screen and an excellent imaging system.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

Unlocking the ZL

You unlock the Xperia ZL by flicking your finger upward. Swiping the camera and music icons to the center of the screen also works and jumps directly to their associated apps.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

Weather when you want it

Onboard the Sony Xperia ZL is a handy weather widget.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

A lovely screen

With a big 5-inch full-HD screen (1,920x1,080 pixels), watching video and viewing photos on the Sony Xperia ZL is very enjoyable.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

A sole headphone port

The top edge of the Sony Xperia ZL holds a lone 3.5mm headphone jack.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

Buttons in a line

The Sony Xperia ZL's right side houses all the phone's physical controls, including volume, power, and a dedicated camera key.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

A back that's plastic

Unlike the more premium Xperia Z, the Sony Xperia ZL has a plastic back. Also here are the 13MP main camera and LED flash.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

USB on the left

The left side of the Sony Xperia ZL houses a Micro-USB port for charging and transferring files.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

Peek under the flap

Underneath a flap located on the Xperia ZL's back are slots for microSD and SIM cards.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

A capable camera app

The Sony Xperia ZL's camera app features plenty of shooting modes and extra features.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET


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