The top tech from IFA 2013 (pictures)

Check out the CNET editors' picks for the best gadgets from IFA 2013.

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The best of IFA 2013

The top tech companies came together in Berlin this week at the IFA 2013 tech trade show to unveil plenty of smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other cool hardware. Here we take you through the best tech we saw at the show.

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Acer Liquid S2

First up is the Acer Liquid S2 smartphone. At 6 inches tall, the Liquid S2 is nearly tablet-size. The headlining feature of the phone is that it can shoot super-high-definition 4K video.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung's latest in its line of phones that are almost as big as tablets. The phone comes with tons of new productivity features, such as the Action Wheel, screen sharing, and a beautifully redesigned S Note app. Oh, and it has a fancy back cover that looks like a leather wallet, too.

Read CNET's hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 here.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung unveiled a smartwatch at IFA called Galaxy Gear. The device connects to the new Galaxy Note 3 via Bluetooth to deliver the phone's notifications and incoming calls to your wrist. You can also snap photos with it and use modified versions of apps such as Pocket and Runkeeper that were designed for the tiny screen.

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Sony Cyber-shot QX100, QX10

The Sony Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10 are no ordinary cameras. Sony fit the entire camera into a lens-shaped body that snaps onto your smartphone. Once you snap a photo with the camera, it shows up on your phone's screen, where you can edit it, save it, and share it over text, e-mail, or to your social networks immediately.

Sony's goal for the QX100 and the smaller QX10 (pictured) is to give you a portable camera with more shooting prowess than your smartphone's lens that's still compact enough to take everywhere.

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Sony Vaio Flip

IFA 2013 was full of laptops that turn into tablets. One of them is the Sony Vaio Flip, which uses two hinges, a typical laptop hinge and one in the middle-back of the screen, to morph the laptop into a tablet.

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Sony Vaio Tap 11

The Vaio Tap 11 is Sony's answer to the Microsoft Surface Pro: it's an 11-inch Windows 8.1 tablet that comes with a stylus, magnetic keyboard cover, and kickstand, so you can prop up the tablet and use it as a laptop. You can also lay it flat and use the touch screen like any other tablet.

Check out the other tablets of IFA 2013.

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Lenovo Yoga 2, ThinkPad Yoga

The 13-inch Lenovo Yoga 2 (pictured) and "="" rel="follow"> 11-inch ThinkPad Yoga are the second generation of Toshiba's Yoga laptops, which use hinges that rotate 360 degrees to give you several viewing angles. With both models, you can fold the keyboard behind the screen to prop it up, or fold it completely flat to turn the laptop into a touch-screen tablet.

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Toshiba Encore

The Toshiba Encore is a pocket-size 8-inch tablet running a full version of Windows 8.1. It sports a sharp screen, impressive specs, and a wallet-friendly $329 price tag.

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Asus Zenbook UX301

Asus is hoping the slim body and glass lid on its Zenbook UX301 will wow laptop shoppers who want a little luxury. The Zenbook UX301 also packs a lot of power thanks to fast Intel processors and enjoys an ultra-high-definition screen.

Take a look at the other PCs of IFA 2013.

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Panasonic 4K tablet

The Panasonic UT-MB5 is a massive 4K Windows 8 tablet. But at 20 inches wide, it's more of a cross between all-in-one powerhouse computer and TV. What it lacks in portability it makes up for in high-end specs and a 4K definition screen.
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Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera

The Ricoh Theta is a tiny camera that takes panoramic photos. It's small enough to slip into a pocket and take with you everywhere. The Theta also comes with an app that can manipulate the photos you take and turn them into art.

Check out our hands on of the Ricoh Theta.

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LG G Pad 8.3

Taking a stab at the Google Nexus 7 2013 edition, LG released the G Pad 8.3. As its name suggests, the tablet is 8.3 inches tall and has an impressive 1,920x1,200-pixel resolution display. It's also sporting an aluminum body, which makes the G Pad feel high-end.

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The framed LG Gallery TV

While many people hide their flat-screen TV in a cabinet, the LG Gallery OLED TV demands to be hung on the wall. That's because the TV and its speakers come packed in a frame that's fancy enough to hang in an art gallery.

See LG's Gallery TV in action.

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LG's 77-inch curved 4K TV

LG broke the record for largest 4K OLED TV with its 77-inch curved model. The TV has a curved screen that the South Korean electronics company says "fills the viewer's field of vision more completely than a flat-screen TV."

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3Doodler portable 3D printer

Once a Kickstarter campaign, the 3Doodler showed up at IFA 2013. It's a 3D printer that's the size and shape of a large marker that lets you draw 3D shapes and models with melted plastic "ink."

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Sony's HMZ-T3W headset

If you prefer to fully immerse yourself in a video game, the Sony HMZ-T3W headset is the gadget for you. The wireless headset sits over your eyes and gives you two 720p screens that mimic a giant screen and have 3D capability. If you're interested, the headset will go on sale in Europe in November for whopping £1,300 ($2,035 US).

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Philips M1x-DJ

Philip's M1x-DJ is a music-mixing deck the connects to your iPad to turn anyone into a master DJ. Well, you'll likely need practice to become a master, but the M1x-DJ comes with several features to help you fake it till you make it, such as a sync button, and echo and flange buttons.

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Tons of tech

IFA was packed with much more tech than we could fit into a single slideshow. Check out CNET's complete coverage of the IFA 2013 show in Berlin to see everything we got our hands on.

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