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Overall, the camera is about the same size as the 60D: slightly narrower, but a little deeper.

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Back controls

Overall, I like the redesigned controls on the back, except perhaps for the new Quick Control dial/multicontroller. It's the same as before, except smaller -- maybe too small. Otherwise, Canon integrates a lot of the best from its other models, including the combination record/movie toggle control, a new lock switch that's much easier to operate than on the 60D, and the placement of the menu and info buttons for left-hand operation.

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The 70D now incorporates a touch-screen display.

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Top controls

The only change here is the addition of a button (located between the shutter and the dial), which brings up the new focus information overlay in the viewfinder.

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Mode dial

Canon uncluttered the mode dial by removing all the individual scene presets and making the dial turn 360 degrees. It still only offers one custom setting slot.

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Although it doesn't have any new connections on it -- it's the same set of mic and wired remote inputs, USB connector, and Mini-HDMI out -- they're now staggered, with separate covers.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lori Grunin/CNET
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