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All of the IHS 2015 odds and end

Click through this gallery to see a ton of brand new kitchen stuff. Some of these things will be available to buy right away, while other things may not hit retail until later this year, like the neat-looking $250 KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer pictured above, which is slated for a June release. Either way, you can go ahead and start planning your kitchen appliance upgrades.

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Oxo Barista Brain 12-Cup Coffee Brewing System

The $300 Barista Brain 12-Cup Coffee Brewing System is the one of many new Oxo products unveiled at IHS.

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Oxo Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Brewing System

Oxo also announced a $200 9-cup brewer at the Chicago housewares event.

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Oxo Barista Brain Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Integrated Scale

"Coffee static" is a known burr grinder problem, but Oxo's new $200 model is supposed to minimize this issue.

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Oxo 4-Slice Up to You Motorized Toaster

This $160 Oxo toaster has a "Take-A-Peek" feature that's supposed to let you check in on that status of your bread as it's toasting.

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Oxo 2-Slice Up to You Motorized Toaster

Oxo also announced a $100 two-slice version.

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Oxo Illuminating Digital Immersion Blender

The $90 Oxo immersion blender has six different speed settings.

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Oxo Bright Illuminating Digital Hand Mixer

Oxo's new $80 hand mixer has LED lighting to illuminate your ingredients.

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Keurig K200

The colorful Keurig K200, which will cost somewhere between $120 and $130, is designed to brew a single serving on up to four cups.

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Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio 1 HP Blender/Food Processor with Travel Cups

Cuisinart's new $149 Velocity Ultra Trio 1 HP Blender/Food Processor with Travel Cups is the first hybrid model to also offer two 16-ounce travel cups.

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Blendtec Connect Food Preparation System

Blendtec's Bluetooth-enabled Connect Food Preparation System with related app is supposed to make your blender-ing, mixer-ing, and food-scale-weighing way easier than before.

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Vitamix S55

At $459, the pint-sized Vitamix S55 sure is pricy, but it's also supposed to be strong enough for heavy-duty tasks, like churning peanuts into butter.

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3 Squares Soup3rb Heat + Blend Blender

Combine a blender with an 800W, non-stick heating element and you get 3 Squares' new $150 Soup3rb Blender, due in stores in the second half of 2015.

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3 Squares Du3t Sous Vide + Slow Cooker

3 Squares' $130 Du3t is just a concept right now, but this slow cooker-sous vide hybrid has a crowdfunding campaign scheduled to hit Kickstarter later this year.

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Bonavita BV1500TS

The $140 Bonavita BV1500TS is a smaller version of the brand's BV1900TS. It looks big enough to give you a proper buzz (it can brew up to 4 or 5 cups), but it's at a lower price point than its predecessor.

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Jamba Professional Blender

It certainly makes sense for Jamba Juice to jump into the at-home blending ring and this $450 Jamba Professional Blender, the result of a partnership with Hamilton Beach, has enough power to challenge names like Blendtec, Ninja and Vitamix.

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Jamba Professional Citrus Juicer

The Jamba Professional Citrus Juicer will set you back $160, but its easy-grip handle is supposed to make it easier than ever for you to get your vitamin C fix.

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Print and cook pancakes robotically

The Pancakebot is part 3D printer, part robotic pancake grill.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET

A most unconventional pancake

Create complex colored pancakes like out own CNET logo.

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Keep tabs on what you drink

Thermos, a company with a long history making containers for liquid gave us a demo of its Smart Lid Hydration Bottle. It claims it's the first device of its kind built to help you keep taps on how much water you drink.

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This water bottle links to mobile app

Linked to compatible iOS devices over wireless Bluetooth connection, the Thermos Smart Lid Hydration Bottle tries to track how much water you drink out of it.

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