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Samsung Galaxy 5S has the pulse on your pulse

The era of sensors is here! Samsung's Galaxy 5S neatly tucks a heart rate monitor into the back of its flagship phone.

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S Health

To start measuring your heart rate, boot up S Health 3.0 and tap to select the monitor.

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Subtle sensor

See that sensor there, right next to the camera flash? That's where the heart rate monitor lives.

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It's alive!

Press and hold your finger on the sensor; it'll glow red when it gets going.

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Zip it

You mustn't move or talk.

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After several seconds, the S Health app spits out your heart rate. Samsung warns that its monitor isn't meant to replace sensitive medical equipment.

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Establish a baseline

So what is the heart-rate monitor good for? Establishing a baseline, for one, so you can track your progress before and after exercise. The S Health app that houses the heart-rate monitor can also keep tabs on calories burned, your nutrition, and  other exercise stats.

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