Shadow lands

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is only the second Windows RT tablet released in 2013 -- the Surface 2 is the other -- so if you're looking for a new Windows tablet with free Office, there aren't many to choose from.
Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Rear cam

The 2520's rear camera includes autofocus, unlike the Surface 2's rear camera.
Photo by: James Martin/CNET


Yep, volume and power buttons are included. Whew!
Photo by: James Martin/CNET

All red

From here you may be able to make out the letter N-F-C. It's not a football reference.
Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Rear cam in action

The rear camera isn't all it could be. Sure, it has autofocus, but there's definitely room for a sharper image and more accurate color.
Photo by: James Martin/CNET

Not very thin

The 2520 isn't the thinnest tablet on the block. In fact it's just as thick as the Surface 2. The Surface 2, however, can get away with its extra mass by including a built-in kickstand. No kickstand on the Lumia.
Photo by: James Martin/CNET


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