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We said you might get a 64GB iPod touch with a faster processor. And look what you got: a 64GB iPod touch with a faster processor. Kudos for taking our word for it. So now, let's have a look at one of the new beasts in person.

Aesthetically the new touch is identical to the last. In fact, all that's really changed is that the 32GB model got a faster processor and support for advanced OpenGL 3D graphics rendering, as does the brand-new 64GB model. The 8GB model, incidentally, does not contain these upgraded innards, hence it now being the cheap little runt it is.

Now, 64GB is a bunch of space, and you're going to have to cough up £300 for one. But for us lossless audiophiles and app hoarders, it's a reasonable asking price we reckon. But the extra space and speed is pretty much all that's new -- all other features remain unchanged.

Well, except one: the new touch uses the new iPhone OS 3.1 software (older touches can get this too, mind, though it'll cost you £3 if you're running anything older than OS 3.0). New features include vastly improved app-syncing options (more on this in our iTunes 9 feature later on) and you can now save videos from email to your photo gallery.

We wish there was more to say -- or at least an integrated camera to talk about -- but there isn't. And frankly, we can't think of a single good reason to give the new iPod nano a video camera but not the touch. As for that speed increase, we'll have much more to say when we get our favourite, tried and tested apps on a review unit tomorrow afternoon, so check back.

The new touch is on sale now at £149 for 8GB, £229 for 32GB and £299 for 64GB. Hit up the next page for a bonus photo, and don't miss our hands-on with the new has-a-video-camera-now-for-some-reason iPod nano.

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A better look at the touch, with a new bit of iTunes 9 Genius functionality going on.
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