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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Already a majorly successful cable TV show and a hit game franchise from Telltale Games, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct didn't match any of its licensed brethren. Some critics called the game "dead on arrival," and we'll leave it just at that.
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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

This third-person shooter made a promising splash when it first debuted at E3, but a change in direction and underwhelming campaign rendered The Bureau a disappointing experience.
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Game & Wario

What was once a celebrated Nintendo franchise, the latest iteration of the WarioWare series fell flat on the Wii U.
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Along with Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sony touted Knack as the spotlight launch title for the new PlayStation 4 console. Unfortunately, Knack failed to generate any sort of buzz once gamers got their hands on it and it dampened the PS4 exclusive launch lineup.
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Dead Island: Riptide

While the original Dead Island won gamers over, its sequel went in the opposite direction. Filled with shortcomings and repetitive mechanics, Dead Island: Riptide was never fully realized, and was one of the worst sequels in recent memory.
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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Colonial Marines was uninspired, ugly, and featured a mindless campaign that failed to generate any sense of pacing. Some called it boring, others called it buggy; we're calling it one of the most disappointing of the year.
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