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Beautiful Lego

In "Beautiful Lego," Mike Doyle showcases dozens of stunning pieces of Lego art created by a variety of artists. From fantastical buildings -- like Doyle's own "Contact 1: The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K'ai Yne, Odan" -- to spaceships, animals, scenes from Tolkien, and much more, the book is a treat for any Lego fan.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Reproduced from <a href="">Beautiful LEGO</a>, with the permission of No Starch Press. © 2013 by Mike Doyle.
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'Angkor Wat'

"Angkor Wat," by artist Arthur Gugick.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 2010, Arthur Gugick. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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'Victorian on Mud Heap'

Mike Doyle, who put together "Beautiful Lego," is also a Lego artist himself. This is his "Victorian on Mud Heap," from 2011.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 2011, Mike Doyle. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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'World Trade Center & 9/11 Memorial, New York'

A somber look at the post-9/11 World Trade Center, this is "World Trade Center & 9/11 Memorial, New York," by J. Spencer Rezkella.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 2012, J. Spencer Rezkalla. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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'Cetanclass Baseship'

Just one of many amazing spacecraft represented in "Beautiful Lego," this is Garry King's "Cetanclass Baseship."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 2012, Garry King. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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'Frozen Figure'

Artist Nathan Sawaya, formerly a lawyer and later a Lego master model builder, has a series of haunting pieces in "Beautiful Lego." This is "Frozen Figure."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 2011, Nathan Sawaya. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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'Protector of the Great Queen'

This is "Protector of the Great Queen" by artist Leno Martins.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 201, Leno Martins. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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'The Equestrian'

One of a series of stunning animal pieces in "Beautiful Lego," this is "The Equestrian" by Mike Nieves.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 2011, Mike Nieves. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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'It's Not Easy Being Green'

Harkening back to high school biology class, this is Dave Kaleta's "It's Not Easy Being Green (Dissected Frog)."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 2010, Dave Kaleta. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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'Queen of Hearts Castle'

This is artist Edward Conquest's "Queen of Hearts Castle."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 2009, Edward Conquest. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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'The Fortune Demon'

A building? A monster? Both? It's artist Mihai Marius Mihu's "The Fortune Demon."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Copyright 2012, Mihai Marius Mihu. From '<a href="">Beautiful Lego</a>'
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