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AwoX StriimLight

AwoX took the opportunity to announce two new products at their event at CES 2014-- the StriimLight WiFi and the StriimLight B-10. The B-10 includes a Bluetooth speaker and the WiFi features a Wi-Fi speaker. Pricing information is not yet available.

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BeeWi LED light bulb

This one has color-changing capabilities, similar to the Philips Hue, and ties into a Smart Gateway for home automation.

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Belkin WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set

Belkin announced several products at CES 2014, including the WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set. The set includes two of the newly-announced WeMo Smart LED Bulbs, and the WeMo Link plug-in hub to control them. You can pick up the set for $129.

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Lighting Science Good Night and Awake & Alert Bulbs

These bulbs were designed initially for the International Space Station. They're designed to help stimulate restfulness and activity, respectively. Each costs $70, and they're available for purchase now.

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Lumen Mini

The Lumen Mini is a color LED bulb that is significantly smaller than its predecessor and is expected to retail for $30.

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